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toaster pastreez: menos divercion!
Saturday, July 23, 2005

› by victoria

i adore toaster pastries. especially the organic ones that taste like scones and the more exotic varieties of pop-tarts. I don't really like the regular sugar-frosted pop-tarts in flavors like strawberry or any kind of berry: it's when they venture into the more formidable realms of chocolate, marshmallow and other unhealthy ingredients that they become tasty-licious.

That said, toaster pastries are basically the only food i can keep down when i wake up with a migraine...again. I think it's because of my glasses prescription not being strong enough to keep up with my college-induced eye decay. Whatever the cause may be, it's crazy-painful. I woke up crying today. 2 excedrin migraines have alleviated it, but left me with TOP GUN-special-fx vision: I feel like everything I focus in on is more crisp and lovely after seeing it through a haze of migraine-then-medication. Ahh.

My older sister left on her trip to Mexico this morning. She has never been to Mexico before. I have no idea what's going to happen, but i hope she's okay, and i hope she doesn't catch "monctezuma's revenge" because that would be bad.

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