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nuns with guns
Sunday, August 7, 2005

› by victoria

I don't really ever have any intention of being perceived as a heroine. To be perfectly honest, I was severely faltering in my self-confidence over friday night, but having a great time hanging out changed that. The list of things I have rescued/protected is rather small: it includes:

--a small toad who was inside some punk's shoe in 7th grade
--my 2 pet mice (they were feeder mice, so technically I "rescued" them from being fed to a snake)
--all those little earthworms that crawl blindly across the sidewalk and get stranded on the concrete when it rains--I use a piece of grass to gently pick them up and place them back on dig-able earth
--2 goldfish that were being used for experiments with caffeine (?!) in highschool

Whatevs. I just hope people don't hate me.

Today I had a lot of fun. I'm entitled to have fun, right? and not be yelled at by other people or random authority figure or made to feel bad about myself? I hope so.

i have a lot of statistics homework to do tonight. i'd rather draw/paint, but hey, that's the way it rolls with summer school. Besides, my class is almost over! i just hope I pass it! :)
that would be great.

I saw "CONSTANTINE" on friday night with Robin before she left for New York. We were expecting it to be reeaaaallly bad. It wasn't bad so much as frightfully pedantic in a pseudo-Catholic way: kinda like Chrono Crusade except less fun. Chrono Crusade is a delightful amalgamation of Anime with a weirded-out 1920's universe in which nuns with guns battle demons. It's very fun, and I can't wait to find out what happens in the final 3 episodes. But yes, Constantine was a bit of a dissappointment. Perhaps with someone who could look emotionally tormented and profound at the same time playing the main role, it could've been a bit better. It was a great argument film against chain smoking, I will give it props for that. And Djimon Hounsou was awesome as "Papa Midnight."

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