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total wipe out dude!
Monday, August 8, 2005

› by victoria

I am totally wiped out with being tired. It's not like an unpleasant kind of tired--no muscle straining or whatnot--but it's more like that general all-over sense of "Hey, I could use the chance to sleep in until 12." But luckily, I only overslept my alarm by one hour, so I woke up at 8 AM instead of 7--and I still had enough time to make it to work this morning. Huzzah!

I'm really relieved for a couple of reasons:

>Biff's mom emailed me this morning, saying that she was faxing the important form that his school needed (and that she got the package we sent her in the mail, and loved it--especially that CD that we stuffed in for his younger sister, which Biff suggested and I thought was a nice touch, especially since i made & decorated that CD)

>I finally found the maneki neko of my dreams! :) they are too cute. I love maneki neko and this particular pair (one white, one black, with their own little boxy-shrine to live in) makes me smile whenever I think about it!

>My stats class is almost over!

I am not so relieved that I have to meet with the professor today to get help (and I arranged this appointment myself) because the material is so difficult. :sigh: I did the homework last night while I was working from 3-10 PM, and it was brain-bending.

The weather outside is gorgeous. I wish I could take a nap on the grass, except then I know they would turn on the sprinklers while I was sleeping.

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