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did i unplug the hair-straightening iron?
Tuesday, August 9, 2005

› by victoria

did I turn off the fan?

did Biff's mom fax the form yesterday to the right telephone number?

do I have enough brain-space to remember everything I have to do--meet with my Dad at 1 PM for a quick lunch, meet with my professor at 3 PM for help, and meet with Lynne tomorrow about Art Club, all while studying for statistics??

I saw a small bunny outside a few days ago. It was munching grass, and it was so small that at first I thought it must have been a rat or a squirrel. But it was a bunny, and it ran back into the bushes in a halting way.

This Article was just amazing. A tough-as-nails 66 year old man wandering 21 days without food, only to be found and reunited with his family--it was an amazing story.

Something that is not so amazing is the Wisconsin State Fair, a nightmarish, never-ending asphalt oven that sprawls over miles and miles. While being vast, however, it is still crowded-as-all-hell, smelling of agricultural barn and greasy food and sweaty people. The worst might have to be the agricultural barn, just because of the irony of the smiling pigs, cows, chickens, etc. only to have their remnants sold nearby fried, deep-fried, or battered. When Biff and I went to the Wisconsin State Fair last year, not only did we get so lost that we had to wander around the entire fair's exterior looking for our parking spot, but we also were overcome with heat exhaustion and the overcrowded atmosphere of the fair. So if you're in Wisconsin, I wouldn't suggest the Wisconsin State Fair.

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