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i should be happy, fudge it all
Monday, October 3, 2005

› by victoria

things that have brought up the morale:

seeing Dana AND Pedro in a row--a very rare synchronicity!

finding out I could turn in my revised questions for public relations via email when I had forgotten that I even needed to do them in the first place

Seeing my kinda-former-coworker Dan looking happy (and much healthier, thank goodness) as a lecturer/professor in the College of Philosophy--You're the Man now, Dog!

Having a nice chat with my current philosophy professor

getting to enjoy a little bit of sunshine: it's like 85 degrees outside! in wisconsin, in October, no less

Being complimented on my $1.00 salvation army t-shirt that i got a month or so ago: it's orange and says "OUTER" on the back in big funkymod white letters, on the front it has 3 little men in green suits with yellow helmets and moonboots that shoot out rocket fumes

Being told I was a "good girlfriend" by my amiga Julie, who stopped by where I work to return a DVD

Feeling like things aren't so bad.

I finished my Aristotle essay and double-checked it (kinda) with my philosophy professor. He said to add more stuff about virtue, so I did. At this point, I am happy with it & hopefully I will get a decent grade even though I have no idea how to cite the frikkin' lines of text: okay, so it says "1098a" on the side and then one paragraph down it says "10," go down another paragraph, it says "20," and so on and so forth. I am confused. Do I add the 10 onto the 1098a to make it 1018a?

I also have to study for my marketing test tomorrow and remember the minutiae like the differences between various kinds of conditioning, self-esteem vs. self-image, body cathexis, etc.

Finally, I will share one of my favorite new blog discoveries, the righteous babe in the wilderness who runs

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