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The Nun-Whores (and mochas)
Monday, October 10, 2005

› by victoria

Fucking Mocha's. They try to poison me and Biff, and I paid them an incredibly overpriced $4.24 per coffee drink! I ordered their signature mocha--this was yesterday afternoon, when Biff and I got off the bus because we were going to the Milwaukee Public Museum so that Biff could finish his midterm project, which was going to a museum and drawing sculptures of various deieties that his class had studied. We weren't exactly dressed to the nines--I'll be the first to admit that a mint-green polo shirt doesn't necessarily match an olive green army jacket. But just because the rest of their clientele was looking nauseatingly u.u.m.c. (upper-upper-middle-class) doesn't mean that they had to poison us with a coffee drink (supposedly a "mocha") that tasted like they were unsure what proportions of chocolate syrup, coffee grinds, Sanka and evaporated milk to combine.

Anyways we stayed up until 2 AM this morning with me making sure that Biff got his take-home essay exam done for his history class. Because dammit, if there's one thing I know the importance of, it's the Epic of Gilgamesh in Mesopotamian culture.

Actually, I know the Epic of Gilgamesh like the back of my hand, thanks to my highschool english class. With Mr. Wiswall, who was the most hilarious, totally wry, dry-sense-of-humored english teacher of all time. Well, part of what made him so amusing was his openness about how he should've "been teaching college" and not highschoolers, which in retrospect, I have to agree with (on the last day of A.P. english class, I recall him freaking out and tossing dictionaries hither and thither in a fit of pique after someone asked him a really redundant question). He made us analyze Gilgamesh in terms of the Nun-whores who seduced Enkidu (and we all loved the phrase, hence its beginnings as a class catchphrase). I wish I could remember more from his class--I do remember that when we read "To Kill A Mockingbird" and Jason was speaking in a southern accent (for God only knows what reason), Mr. Wiswall wasn't afraid to respond with a (mocking) southern accent as well. Gosh that class was hilarious.

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