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because a day without the internets is
Tuesday, October 11, 2005

› by victoria

unnacceptable, that's what.

My college's internet provider apparently got in a blood feud of some kind, so much so that NOTHING internet related was working for about 80% of the day today. I finally had to resort to going to the obnoxious cafe on campus and using their internet (which is where I am typing this, being subjected to awful music) and even then, it only got up to "acceptable speed" about 15 minutes ago.

I remember dial-up internet from when I was fairly young, the beuwwwwwwwwwww-beep ranranranranran sound of the modem connecting, and I remember our COMPAQ PRESARIO and AOL. I am habituated to the luxury of the quick-fix dial-up and slow internet just doesn't cut it anymore.

My big 21 birthday is coming up this saturday. I think it's both hilarious and amusing that the date is both my birthday and Sweetest Day.

What I want for my birthday:

A black Queen-size microfiber comforter (to replace the floral one--I hate floral patterns so much, but don't tell anyone I said that)

I am going to ask my dad for this thermal long-sleeve shirt in our college gift shop. I really am smitten with this one shirt and I really want it.

I'd like an Ipod but that isn't going to happen, at least not until I am old enough where the Ipods have little robot feet.

I'm looking for a fun birthday, I want to go out with Biff and my over-21 friends to visit a bar, I want to hang out with Robin, all good things. I also want chocolate cake without frosting, preferably.

Random thing I am proud of:

I got a 94.5 points out of 100 on my first marketing Exam.

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