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olfactory glands
Wednesday, October 12, 2005

› by victoria

and the impressions that I get:

Clinique's HAPPY doesn't smell like happiness to me--it smells like eau de popular girls and for that reason every time I smell a whiff of it, I shudder. It's like being the last one picked in gym class (and that was SO me).

I love the smell of gourmet roasting coffee beans.

Due to traveling in Europe too much as a small child, I am overcome with nostalgia for Paris or Italy when I smell cigarette smoke, beer, cologne and diesel fuel all combined. Somewhere in downtown Milwaukee there is a waffle factory (I don't know where) and when the delightful smell of vanilla batter wafts o'erhead, that is also like being in Europe too with the patisseries.

I like the smell of old books and magazines, especially hardcovers from the 1970's with that plastic slipcover from the library.

Biff wears CK ETERNITY or something like that once in a while and every time he puts it on it reminds me of the first movie we went to see in the theaters (which was actually our first date ever) "THE FOG OF WAR" which has to be one of the worst date movies ever, but I didn't care because I was (?subtly?) looking at him the whole time.

The best food smell is either cookies--I love gingerbread cookies so much--or naturally ripened fruit. If you ever have the chance to pick fruit and then eat it straight off the tree, just do it (and don't wash the fruit because then you'll lose precious time). Once in Italy my Mom's cousin let us pick apricots in the apricot mini-grove in his backyard and eat them straight off the tree, and they were divine. (The word for apricot in Italian is "albicocche"--when my mom was expecting me she ate 40 kilos of apricots. I think this affected my skin tone because when I get some sun, my skin looks just like an apricot's, with that orangey-rose glow and a few little freckles here and there).

I detest the smell of airplanes. And grape kool-aid.

I love the smell of crayons and elementary schools and pink pearl erasers.

And cedar chips--reminds me of my 2 pet mice and my suicidal hamster.

I love the smell of the rain, and fallen leaves, and wet dirt.

I hate the smell of lipsticks, most incense, burnt food and dirty dishes.

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