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Monday, October 17, 2005

› by victoria

I came home from work sobbing my guts out on saturday, like when you cry so hard that it feels like you're turning inside out. It was the shock combined with the loss. Biff was furious at whoever had worked me up like that. but he said that "there are a lot of assholes out there on the internet."

there are a lot of nice people, however.

oh, and I didn't get to do any drinking on my 21st, because Biff's ID was missing! plus none of my friends called me to hang out or invite me anywhere. And it would've been just plain sad to get a bottle of something and swig it back even though I probably could've used it. On the other hand read on to see why it's good that I saved my brain cells...

I changed my outfit and we went out to eat at Dancing Ganesha. The food was great. We walked afterwards and I called to see how Robin was doing and she was spending the night with her grandma in the hospital.

sunday morning I looked around behind a milk crate and found Biff's id cards. It was amazing!

we went out for coffee and it was a beautiful sunshine-y day.

I also saw my family: my younger sister had gotten me an outfit from the vintage store where she works (a small wool sweater that says "GUINNESS" on the front and a pair of jeans that I haven't tried on yet because I am worrying that I won't fit in them) and my older sister had gotten me a ton of expensive face-maintenance products (like matte moisturizer, that kind of thing). They sang me "happy birthday" and I got to have cake.

It would have been ideal except that Jill called and told me Robin's grandmother had passed away during the night. I also figured out that I had a midterm tomorrow (I.E. today) in my awful Public relations class.

I can only wish Robin condolences right now. I also ask that everyone wish me good luck on this awful midterm that I haven't even had the chance to study sufficiently for.

I feel sore like someone has been kicking me. This birthday wasn't at all what I thought it would be or what everyone said it should be. It was a chain-yanking rollercoaster which Six Flags would die trying to get their hands on. I feel really old.

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