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oh sweet lordamercy: my 21st
Saturday, October 15, 2005

› by victoria

Alright, so are Stu & Chris really coming up to Milwaukee?? because that's just insane if they are. Biff's got the cell phone right now but if they get here around 4 PM or whatever we're going to be going out to eat at Dancing Ganesha on Brady Street, probably. I'm not sure what's going on, but since Biff has apparently--HORROR OF HORROR OF HORRORS (*i can't accurately depict how shattering this has been) lost his stupid-little-piece-of-shit plastic wallet cardholder that contained his

++bus pass
++MIAD student iD card
++driver's license (the most important thing, too)

I am not sure if we will be going out drinking tonight. I do know that I need to majorly change my clothes--I can't go out wearing my red pirate t-shirt and rolled-up jeans with the hole in the ass that I sewed-up myself--but yeah so

MY BIG BIRTHDAY WISH IS THAT WE FIND BIFF'S ID WALLET and that this year we have extra cash and less stress.

My mind is literally blown. I can't really believe that Chris and Stu are coming up to visit me?!? Wow. I guess Biff will take my happyrobot blogging more seriously if he meets Chris & Stu. I feel messy and slobby actually meeting you all in real life, since it seems like you are all way more polished than me.

I feel a year older, actually way older. Which makes me sad in a way because i feel like I am no longer the same person who loves YA novels way too much.

I feel like I look really pretty which is a nice change from being the "fucking ugly" girl in middle school.

I feel like I've learned how to work really hard (unlike what my mom always said, with me being lazybones).

"Love Many, Trust Few, Always Paddle Your Own Canoe" = Gospel Truth.

Well, if you guys are in milwaukee, my cell phone number (Biff currently has the cell phone right now) is (ROBOT EDIT: er, I'll keep that. I'll pass it on to Stu.). Please, PLEASE don't prank call me right now because it's a pay-as-you-go phone so I'm putting this out here just in case because I don't want Chris & Stu being all like "hey, why isn't she at Landmark Lanes?" (we went by it and thought it looked really skeezy).

I'm not sure what's going on, honestly!

Thanks Katie for the tribute. You know you guys are all awesome. ::big hug::

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