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something funny & 2 things cute
Wednesday, October 26, 2005

› by victoria

I feel I should share a hilarious experience that happened to me & Biff. Tuesday night we were watching the News at 10 on Channel 6 (FOX) which happens to be the only channel on which we get clear reception...anyways, they were doing a news report highlights of what was coming up in the next segment, and they showed this picture of Pres. Bush flanked by Alan Greenspan and his replacement with the caption "Stupid, but not clueless." Now remember, this is FOX 6, the ultra-conservative station--and man, were they ever backtracking to get over that "error"! It was priceless, I wish I had taken a screenshot.

I am wearing the cashmere cardigan that Biff's mom gave me. It's so soft. Shame that it's leopard print and not, say, solid black or something, because then I could wear it with everything.

I brought the italian mix CDs with me & I intend to burn the copies of them for eve today!

I feel I should share some Domo-Kun goodness with you all today. I (heart) Domo-kun.

And Kogepan too.

Kogepan's Story:

My Story

I am Kogepan. I was from a bakery shop in Hokkaido. My bakery shop is very famous in Japan because the red bead buns that it churns out are so delicious that only 20 of such type are made each day. I was supposed to be a delicious red bean bun too, but an unfortunate accident had happened...

On the day I was supposed to be brought into the oven, I was thrilled because the moment has finally arrived for me to become what most breads have always wanted to be - a high quality red bean bread.
As I continue to ponder on that, I began to giggle in excitement.

When the baker began to take me and my friends out from the oven, I was ecstatic because everything had went smoothly. However, my happiness is somehow short-lived when the baker accidentally tilted the pan and...

And I fell back into the oven and disappeared into a cloud of smoke. I looked around for my friends but they were not there. I was very afraid.
I was getting cooked again and there was a burnt smell seeping out from me. I thought to myself "Somebody please come and save me!"

Nobody noticed that I was missing and I waited in the oven for another 30 minutes. My skin was no longer a golden color and had turned dark brown. I smelt awful.
Finally, the baker saw me and took me out from the oven, but he did not place me back on the shelves where the other red bean buns were.

I am a burnt bread and certainly, nobody wants to buy me. I felt lonely and upset. I thought to myself that my life as a bread was very meaningless. I was so disillusion that my eyes turned white.

The other red bean buns always mock at me, calling me awful names. The baker did not even pay attention to me at all. I think the whole world hates me.

I decided to run away from home. Nobody will care anyway. I shall run to a place where nobody exists and nobody will make fun of me.

I spent most of my time smoking and drinking milk as beer. I became very depressed and pessimistic.

After a few days, I finally came to my senses, and decided not to live my life like this anymore. The bakery is still my home after all.

Back at the bakery I decided to read a book titled "How to become a delicious bread" to improve myself. I believed that if I continue to work hard, I will eventually attain my dream of becoming a delicious red bean bun.

But every time I see the other red bean buns I lose hope and become jealous again. I always lecture them about the life of being a bread and because of that, all of them were afraid of me.

Other Characters
Kuriimupan (creamy bread) is also a burnt bread like me. We are very good friends and we always drink beer (milk) together and often run away from home.
They are called Kireipan, as known as the pretty breads. They are delicious and unlike me, they are not burnt. I am always jealous of them.
My friend Sumipan is even more burnt than me. He is called the charcoal bread and he is also my very good friend.
Ichigopan is the latest addition to the family. He is the strawberry cream bread and unlike the other bread, he is pink in color.

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