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happy halloween--
Monday, October 31, 2005

› by victoria


Yesterday Biff and I and Jill sat out on Jill's porch and handed out candy to trick or treaters for 2 hours. Since Jill has the best candy mix ever--I'm talking tons of fun size candybars like Snickers, Take 5, Three Musketeers, Milky Ways, Crunch, M&M Amazing, fruit sour things, sweettarts, tootsie pops, chewy-fruit-things, NERDS, Bit o' Honeys, etc. etc.--we had a blast. Each kid got to pick 3 pieces of candy, and there were some really nice costumes; pirates, several ladybugs, monsters, ghosts, Mr. Incredible, The Hulk, Men In Black, ninjas. Absolutely adorable. Biff and I worked ourselves into a hyperactive stupor, munching down candy with chasers of soda. Whew!

I'm excited for my shakespeare presentation tomorrow: We're doing a scene from Henry IV Act 5. I play Falstaff; I've got my linen shirt, fake beard, swords, and pillow (to stuff under my shirt) all ready. It's going to be awesome. I am almost jealous of the audience because we've determined to have fun with it & make the presentation ultra-campy. For example, Robert plays Hotspur, so I get to drag his "dead" body around on the floor. How fun!

In the meantime, everyone should have a fantastic halloween today. I think Halloween is great because it unleashes our collective "I wanna dress up" urge. Which is great when people get all creative, and not so great when people dress too sexy, unto the point of being ridiculous. I originally wanted to be a flapper (which sent Biff off in peals of laughter) but I ended up being Ganguro instead, which was a huge success. Our landlady loved it and said my costume looked "sweet" (I probably did look artificially flavored, orange & strawberry). Most people said I was unrecognizable! Luckily Robin got a lot of pictures of me on her new digital camera so soon (hopefully) I can share the ganguro joy with you all. The secret was Wet 'n' Wild foundation in "Bronzed" which I smeared copiously all over my face (3 layers) and my arms (2 layers)...I then did the elaborate white eyeshadow all over eyes & cheeks, surrounded by black eyeliner details and LOTS of mascara. Covered my lips with the palest foundation I had, and then used pearlescent facial whip to give me the whole "my lips don't exist" illusion. Stuck lots of rainbow flower stickers and hearts all over my face, put my hair up in 2 high pigtails with HELLO KITTY knockoff ponytail holders...wore 3 swimsuits at once, plus my green tights and mismatched platform sandals. The aquatoys around my wrists were just fabulous.

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