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it's a good thing I'm here
Wednesday, November 9, 2005

› by victoria

It's wednesday and I'm back at work, which is nice! except that I am wearing a sweater that probably is just a teensy bit dirty (okay, a lot dirty) and the annoying fever-chills are coming back. My coworker Ryan just confirmed that I'm burning up (and it's not on the dance floor). Rargh.

The weather is clear and overly windy, with leaves blowing around like crazy. Biff has a super-long day today so I hope it goes well for him (at least he had a bowl of cereal and I sent him off with a Monster energy drink to get the day started off right). He said that the package from his totally rad (and I'm so serious) uncle came in the mail yesterday, so I can't wait to stop home at our apartment & see what was in it!! (I'm terribly curious). I am also dying to take a bath-shower and deposit my paycheck. Hopefully we can visit Jill today & try to make her feel cheered-up (if not better, but I think better would be damn near impossible without some Harry-Potter-esque magic).

Someone wrote in to The Tribune yesterday and said, in describing my comic strip, that it was "an unfunny cartoon about a talking fish." Which made me rather pissed off. I'd like to see him come out with a cartoon every week (and the cartoons they print aren't even the cartoons I draw/write--my editors botch up the text horribly every week! I need to talk to them about that).

When I'm sick, I want to be hugged.

It rained on me when I was walking the 3 blocks from the bus stop to robin's last night. I felt like Storm from X-men because the weather seemed connected with the songs I was humming to myself as I walked and tried to avoid slipping on the wet leaves. Starting out with the exquisitely sad song "bye bye" that I probably own the last copy of (Superette's TIGER), it began to drizzle gently. Then I got Fantastic Plastic Machine stuck in my head and it stopped raining for a while. Then, in all violation of the rules so far, the rain began to fall heavily in big fat drops and my old hobby of translating english song lyrics into french to pass the time came back--

Versez une certaine misère
Versez une certaine misère
sur moi

(if you can guess the song--it has to do with rain :)

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