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who's stealing the blankets?
Thursday, November 10, 2005

› by victoria

I've always been accused of stealing the blankets and kicking whomever is sharing a bed with me. Occasionally, if I'm terrified enough due to a scary movie, I'll cling onto Biff like a monkey or perhaps a very anxious crab. Another reason why I'm awful to share a bed with: when I wake up, if I have to walk over you to get out of bed, I will. I probably have to wake up earlier than you do, and my alarm goes off every 5 minutes, all beep beep beep and I keep on telling it to go back to sleep until I decide I have to wake up. And then when I do wake up, if I'm in a quiet/tired mood I walk to the kitchen and make some toast or attempt to eat something 'quiet-y'. If I'm in a loud/energetic mood, it's time to do the dishes and make oatmeal or crunch cereal like the Rock Eater from The Neverending Story, possibly even turn the TODAY SHOW on because I'll go back to bed without audio playing somehow. I get dressed and put on foundation and fix my hair and usually by this time I've woken Biff up.

And last night I sweat through my t-shirt because of the fever again and woke up feeling the way only people who are unexpectedly tutta sudata (all soaked with perspiration, in an unhealthy sense of the word) feel, and I got up and changed my shirt and when I woke up I found out I had put on Biff's shirt. Luckily I hadn't sweat in it, but he was so sweet about it and even said I looked good in his shirt. And it was one of his favorite shirts!

And these, ladies n' gentlemen, are only some of his excellent qualities.

So here's a big Hi=five to Biff for being totally off-the-charts awesome!

On a side note: I just took my marketing exam (for which I did not study for more than an hour, partially because I was feeling really sick & rotten, partially because I got severely distracted by the movie Calamari Wrestler) and I hope I did okay. The day I get better from whatever it is I've got will be a totally fantastic day. Word.

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