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to top it all off: *my* movie list
Friday, November 11, 2005

› by victoria

Awright, so here's my major impending life-changing uber-important movie moments list:

1.) The Fog of War. This was the movie that Biff and I went to go see at the end of our first date. We went to the Downer theatre and got tickets and he was wearing this grey wool retro coat with a big black fake fur collar with a button on it, a green brontosaurus and a tag that said "D____" and he was looking down at his shoes and then up at me and then back down again, and he had long hair that was put up in a 1920's men's way. I just thought he was the best most amazing guy I had ever seen (*I still think that) and when I was cold in the movie theatre, he offered me his blue scarf. And this movie has to be one of the WORST first-date films ever--nothing like the Cuban Missile crisis to depress you--but I kept on sneaking in sideways looks at Biff throughout the movie and thinking about how attractive he was.

2.) Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. I'm pretty sure this was our second date movie. The main thing I remember about this one was that it was absolutely hilarious (we now own it on DVD), and that Biff put his arm around me for the first time while watching this. It was in the same Downer theatre.

3.) Igby Goes Down This was the first movie I ever saw that was rated "R" where I went to the theatre to see it by myself. I don't know why I wanted to see it so much: as far as I can recall, it was very depressing but good too. Also at the Downer theatre.

4.) Astérix et Cléopâtre I loved this movie SO SO SO SO SO much when I was a kid, it's insane. I'd watch it like every day. I'm qualifying all the Asterix films under this umbrella--this is probably why I can speak french with a good accent. Asterix = the bestest cartoons EVER. I love 'em.

5.) James & the Giant Peach As Roald Dahl is one of the numero-uno best authors ever, and this movie was released when I was in 5th grade...well, I really like it. The song "My Name is James" and the beginning violin solo both make me cry. I've still never been to New Yoahk City!, unlike James.

6.) Chronicles of Narnia these are the old 'ghetto' BBC versions, shown on American TV when I was 5 or 6 years old and when they made a profound, profound effect on me. (*They had a profound effect on Biff as well: he's pissed that they're making a new version of the movie this Christmas). The theme song is just so hauntingly beautiful.

7.) Merlin this was shown on TV when I was in 7th grade: it was a troubled (to say the least) time for me, and I related to this movie a lot. Not to say that I ran around talking in a hoarse whisper like Mab or trying to make horses talk; rather, I loved this movie so much because of scenes like the ones where Queen Mab ties Nimue on a tree and sics the Great Dragon on her. I liked the great dragon! The title character Merlin--to be honest--is kind've annoying for never wanting to actually use his magic. There are lots of annoying bits in this movie but I love some parts of it so that makes up for it... The music from this movie is so beautiful & I'm so glad that I own a rare CD copy.

8.) Treasure Island. This was the source of my obsession with pirates. I also liked the music by the Chieftains so much that when I was in highschool me & my younger sister & this other guy all performed selections from it during our school's "SHOWCASE". This movie also led to my love for "Cutthroat Island" which is a more feminist piratical tale involving 22 (at my count) crotch-kicks.

9.) Hell comes to Frogtown is perhaps the most quintissential Robin & Victoria bad-movie ever. So dreadful, it's a requisite for sharing. Rowdy Roddy Piper is brilliant. This movie is tied with Back from Hell .

10.) Camp Nowhere: this movie had SUCH a profound effect on me in 5th grade (why did I see so many movies in 5th grade? it's because our teacher was a nun--Sister Dorothy, to be exact--and every afternoon we'd watch a movie. that's how I'd catch up on my movie-watching, seeing as my parents monitored the TV to make sure we only watched BBC movies and very limited amounts of anything, which is something I am grateful for now...anyways, the BEST SCENE in this movie is where Christopher Lloyd co-ordinates drama camp, computer camp, weight-loss camp, AND army camp ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It's inspired and zany and SO, so 90's.

11.) Dracula (the classic 1930's version). Biff and I ended up kissing all the way through this movie back when we watched it in my family's basement until my mom came downstairs...we didn't get in any trouble, although we were rather dizzy. I still don't think Biff's seen this movie.

I hope my movie list isn't too bad. I've seen so many movies & I'm still recovering from whatever I've got (I was *really* sick last night)...anyways, everyone have a great weekend!! :)

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