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theremin or therapy?
Monday, November 14, 2005

› by victoria

ah, the joy of signing up for classes when you have the absolute last possible sign-up date and all the COMM classes you wanted were full, so you have to take a theology--a random theology that you just pick because you're panicking because every other class is full--and you get BOOKS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT: ROMANS...and as far as disciples go, Paul drives you nuts so you really don't know what you were thinking...and then you realize that your schedule is rather insane

Monday wednesday friday:
9-9:50 AM: Advertising account management
11-11:50 AM: New Testament Theology time!
1-2:15 PM: Integrated Marketing communications
2:25-3:40 PM: Public Relations Campaigns

5:45-7 PM: Advertising Copywriting

I sure hope these classes count for everything because I'm rather scared. I don't get to take summer classes anymore so any fucking up and I might not get to graduate. It's not my fault they gave me such a late registration date, though, dammit! No Comm 165 for me... :( :sniff sniff: or Comm 161 either...

The fake monkey tattoo I put on my arm is starting to look like a fake tattoo of a monkey with ebola. Eeew.

Jill might get out of the hospital today! Which is both a good thing & a bad thing. Bad, because it seems like they're rushing her out and she still needs oxygen and stuff. Good because we miss her. But mostly bad because I think she still needs to rest and take care of herself.

Biff and I are currently fascinated with the Theremin thanks to listening to Pamelia Kurstin play in the documentary "Moog." She was totally and completely the best part of the movie: she made the instrument sing, it was incredibly beautiful. Very very cool.

I am still rather sick. Biff thinks I got sick because I am too stressed out & I worry too much about things.

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