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it feels just like i'm swallowing broken glass
Wednesday, November 16, 2005

› by victoria

last night, despite the fact that I was waking up every 2-3 hours with the awful pain in my throat forcing me to wander off in search of something to drink & some more Chloraseptic spray, I had this really awesome but weird dream that Biff's Aunt Carolyn (whom I haven't even met yet) was teaching me marketing and describing her teaching policies by showing us videos of her & co. celebrating their dog Squeek's birthday with cake. The scene then switched to me & Biff at an orchestra concert except I got in a fight with other people in the orchestra & ended up hiding in the costumes room backstage with my parents leaving the show and then I was back on the stage & I could see them leaving and I yelled "NOO! WAIT FOR ME!" but they didn't stop.

I had my doctor's appointment this morning so I was excited and nervous about it. My doctor is the same doctor who helped me get born, so it is weird because he has been my doctor all of my life. (Duh, that sentence was redundant, but it is weird to be called 'kiddo' for a relatively legitimate reason). Anyways, my mom swings around & picks me up from in front of my apartment--the weather outside is hatefully, spitefully cold & wet--and we drive to the doctor's office. when I get there i have to fill out tons of paperwork (surprise surprise...) and then the nurse weighs me--I weigh 128 pounds, which surprised me, although that's my consistent weight all the time so I guess that's healthy--and then she measures my blood pressure (which is healthy) and my temperature (a little bit of a fever). Then Doctor comes in and says "hi"--I haven't been to the doctor in forever--and he writes down my symptoms & listens to me breathe with a stethescope. The money shot is when he looks in the back of my throat and describes it as being "inflamed...her tonsils are covered with pus." Yippee, my tonsils are covered in pus!

On the other hand, I feel vindicated because now it's not just some vague thing that people think I'm imagining. So basically that's why it hurts me so much to swallow--because my whole throat, but especially my tonsils, are infected--and then they did a blood test to see if I have mono (the results won't be back for a while) and the strep throat test came back negative. So now I'm taking Zithromax antibiotic (which my mom paid for, very nice of her) & I'm at work.

I'm so tired. I can't seem to sleep decently so ideally what I wish I were doing right now would be watching some fish in an aquarium or something.

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