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Katie's navel gazing happiness.
Wednesday, November 16, 2005

› by katie

Hi folks.

I am here to gush about what an awesome day I had.

I finished the last chapter of my dissertation. It is about Finnegans Wake. Good ol' James Joyce. Stu, I know you hate him; I read your post, clearly you are wrong.

My director told me to think about when I wanted to defend and whether or not I wanted him to host a reception for me post defense. Hell yeah.

Then I went to celebrate by:

1. Going to burger king for greasy burger lunch. Mmmm.
2. Getting my highlights re-done. I heart salons.
3. Buying a cake so my husband and I can have cake for dessert (and I don't have to bake it). It is chocolate.


I'm 13 and a half weeks pregnant and everything is going okay in that department (we've had some bad luck in the past so we appreciate this even more)...

I mean, there is chaos in my life: What, I have to find a job??? Um, but there is nothing in the area right now... so do I have to move??? Sell the house we just bought??? Wha??? Do I really have to find a job when I'm going to have a baby???? Really??? Oy.

But really, who cares about that. Today everything is good. I mean, really freakin' good.


Also, I really liked the last Solstace post. I should say that. And John Ball's cute standing baby made me really happy and almost weepy this morning.


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