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MoNo, Mo' Problems
Saturday, November 19, 2005

› by victoria

Yesterday the doctor called me up with the results of my blood test. Apparently I have mono! (just as Pony said, excellent call). Here is a link to dispell some of the common myths about mono. No, I cannot infect you with Mono over the internet. All in all, it's a very unpleasant disease and if I'm over it by December 17, I'll be VERY happy. The antibiotics were amazing and have helped my throat infection SO MUCH. It feels wonderful to eat things now!

Biff's registration for next semester is on hold until he pay the remaining balance of the $%&#%* tuition so he has to figure out what's going on about that. He says that he thinks he has mono but I didn't give mono to him, so either it's psychosomatic or it's a (thank God) weaker case of it. Anyways, he needs to **call people** and start trying to figure out what to do.

We're both floundering in homework, although I hate to acknowledge it.

We need to majorly majorly shape up & get things under control, even though it feels like my brain is fuzzy. (And my brain feels less fuzzy today than it has felt on previous days).
Creepy, huh? I hate homework so much, I don't even want to think about it. Next week is thanksgiving and we don't know what's going on so far except that I've scheduled myself to work a lot because, oddly enough, when I work is when I get things done.

I am wearing my absolutely adorable black slouchy boots that I got a few days ago to work. And now I think I'm going to eat something on my lunch break.

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