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I slept through my alarm clock this morning
Monday, November 21, 2005

› by victoria

j'ai dormi par mon réveille-matin ce matin

I always thought those sentences like the one above were so pathetically cheesy in highschool french class. How many times could Claudine or Jean-Paul or Tarik sleep through their alarm clocks and miss class (J'ai manqué la classe), forget to meet with their friends at the cafe (J'ai oublié de rencontrer mes amis au café), or be running late for work (J'étais en retard pour le travail)? Unfortunately this morning I got to live out my own Allons-y! scenario, complete with me waking up at 9:50 AM and realizing that I had to be at work by 10. Luckily Jill is a lifesaver; while I waited for the cab to get there, she talked me into chilling out. The goddamn cab didn't even get there until 10:15! Luckily, as far as I know (she says, being sneaky, muwahaha) my bosses don't even know I was running late this morning because they are in a meeting! Thank goodness. I promised the cabby a generous tip & got here at 10:30 AM on the dot, which shows the virtues of (occasionally) sleeping in your clothes (it saves time!).

So here I am. Despite me & Biff getting to bed at 3 AM, we managed to get out & about. I need a giant cappuccinno & I owe Biff a big coffee or something too.

Do you ever have those times in your life where you just feel like someone stuffed you in a giant foam rubber mascot "HELLO, I'M A GIANT FUCK UP" suit and no matter what you do, you're bumbling around stomping on peoples' feelings and doing exactly the wrong thing and making a general shit sandwich of things? I am feeling like that right now. I wish I could get this "H., I.A.G.F.U." suit off.

Watching Daria at an obscenely late hour of the night last night--i was kinda functioning somewhere between being moral support for Biff and watching Daria too--i was struck by how absolutely brililant the show is. I mean, it's really *good.* I think that perhaps the reason why it hasn't reached DVD yet (unlike, say, LAGUNA BEACH or any of the other crap that MTV churns out nowadays) is because it's a post-modern femenist cartoon. I mean, think about it. All the male characters range from slightly (Trent, Jane's "total hottie" older brother who sings for MYSTIK SPIRAL and is a slacker-type) to very (Mr. Demartino) dysfunctional. I love the show. I can never decide which character I like the best or even which character is most like me. Robin says I'm most like Jane but Jane's personality makes me think of Biff the most--

Trent - Nah. Um, why do you want to go to art college? You're already an artist.

Jane - I know. But I want to be a starving artist, so I need to ring up more debt.

Trent - Well, I'd never go to music school. I wouldn't want any teachers trying to corrupt my vision.

Jane - And that is their evil plan.

Trent- Tell me about it. I mean, can you imagine what Spiral would sound like if we were, like, forced to practice, even when we don't want to?

Anyways, I'm feeling way better from the mono & throat infection & tonsillitis but i'm so scared that they'll come back. I'm fed up with excite and planet-save malfunctioning at the same time, disabling 3 of my 7 email accounts. I detest losing email communications.

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