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shit, i don't even know what my top 5 posts are
Wednesday, November 23, 2005

› by victoria

I have no idea how to access my old posts & quite frankly, I don't want to look at them until I'm 40 because when I'm 40 I predict I will either be

A.) dead from some bizarre illness
B.) extremely uncool & ashamed of myself for not getting out of the midwest
C.) fighting to stay cool by rockin' it with some cool hobby like Xtreme Graffitti on the sides of Giant Skyscrapers
D.) smoking with a cigarette holder and listening to Edith Piaf in my hotel room or something like that

and reading my old posts will probably make me sentimental and weepy. Hell, I'm already sentimental and weepy so reading my old posts would make me depressed--either that, or exuberant that I am no longer on the verge of starvation. Huzzah!

My shirt smells like oven cleaner, which is *really* weirding me out. I'm not sure if it's dirty or clean.

I think that Biff majorly needs a vacation; luckily December is lumbering towards us at a steady pace. I can totally tell that he is "wilting" from his inability to create music over the past 2 weeks or so. And I really want him to be able to sit down at his computer and play with REASON. Right now he's filling out student loan forms & i'm hoping and praying that he can get it all sorted out so that he can sign up for classes next semester, because (by gum) he is damn good at art.

Thanksgiving seems to be a sort of a washout so far. Jill says we're definitely going to make linguine with clam sauce (which is always a gourmet feast for the soul), and I got a hint that Biff was going to pick up the smallest fresh turkey that the store had, which would be splendid since then we could tell Biff's uncle that we *really did* cook a real turkey. Quite honestly, my favorite part of thanksgiving is the pumpkin pie & the stuffing. Mmmm, stuffing... So I guess we'll have to see.

Finally, New Mexico is where all the cool people are going. And you can quote me on this.

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