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I'm back!
Monday, January 9, 2006

› by victoria

Hi everyone...

I'm back!

I had to put myself in "internet dormancy" for a while just so that I wouldn't go crazy from withdrawal. The internets: it's addictive.
Our vacation had a very "smooth finish" (to use some booze adjectives) seeing as Biff's Uncle Jake (*name has been changed) and his wife Joanne (*also changed) came all the way up to Los Alamos and picked us up on tuesday so that we could stay with them in Albuquerque for 2-3 days until we had to leave on the train at the Albuquerque train station. We got to see their new house and it was so was just gorgeous. And I couldn't think of 2 nicer people to get such a wonderful home (complete with heated pool, seperate cabana house with wet bar, gorgeous kitchen/living room, private courtyards, etc.). We had a great time and the weather (as was typical during our New Mexico stay) was gorgeous. I had my first sopapillas and tamales during this trip as well (*also my first fajita). All in all it was a great vacation, and I'm glad that we were able to go. The trip back was way easier (if you can call a one-and-a-half-day train trip easy...) partly because we were surrounded by Amish people instead of screaming babies and people coughing their black plague viruses all over us. Something I learned on my vacation: Biff is awesome, and I could be trapped in (the equivalent of) Timbucktu with very little money or food and we'd still have a great time together, and that is a rare thing. I also learned that you miss your friends a lot, especially over the holidays.

(**Pony, if it would be possible to maybe do that cool thing where I can email pictures to you and then be able to post them up on Art colony? Because a picture is worth a thousand words and i've been so out of it on the computer-angle of things that I owe a couple of thousand words...I would be so grateful!).

In other news, we went to Robin's house yesterday and it was great to see Robin and Jill and Adam again...we missed 'em a lot. Robin introduced us to another kickin' anime--this one is called "Burst Angel" (I think?) and then we ended up staying up wayy too late watching "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law" and "Robot Chicken." Robot Chicken is brilliant.

I'm not sure how to use Flickr so here goes...this should link to my new Flickr photo album, entitled (tentatively) "Vacation in New Mexico." Hope y'all like it. I'm the blond girl with the glasses.

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