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my new hairstylist friend
Wednesday, January 11, 2006

› by victoria

before we went on our vacation, I went on a desperate quest--the day before we left, which was a saturday--to find a hairstylist who would cut my hair. I hadn't made any appointments, which was either a mistake (or fate, depending on how you look at it), and so every place we checked out--and we went to a lot of hair salons, which was driving Biff a little crazy--was completely booked. Finally we ended up in Bay View and I went to this salon called "Lovely" or something, and they said that they were all full but maybe the hair salon 2 streets up had some open appointments. So I went there and this guy was all like "Sure, I can cut your hair at 4." which was great news! So we went back at 4, and this stylist, Daniel, was the most entertaining guy ever. He was a delightfully fabulous Gemini, and he managed to transform my mop into celebrity hair (so that when I first went to New Mexico, i could rest assured that my hair was smooth and sleek!). Plus I got to listen to an hour-and-a-half of tailored comedy. It was awesome. Plus he even sent me a Christmas card! I made a new hairstylist friend. Which is cool since i never had one before. I've had some awful haircuts from Supercuts, I went to a few places that were really frou-frou, but I never really had any fun getting my hair cut so that was awesome.

ANYWAYS, moving on...I am trying to decide if Biff and I should go out drinking with my favorite co-worker ever, Mike. Who is unfortunately not working with me right now. No one else appreciates celebrity gossip quite as much as we do. Mike is uncannily similar to Michael Ian Black from those "I love the 80's/90's" shows on VH1 and "Stella" which is one of the funniest comedy shows I've ever seen, when I get the chance to catch it. He is soooo funny. Last time we all went out drinking--my first time in a bar, ever, since i turned 21--was crazy fun. He thinks Biff is awesome and went on this long soliloquoy (after a few vodka tonics) about how surfing (Biff used to be an amazing surfer) is the coolest thing ever. Then we went to Hi-Hat and started making fun of this guy with bleached hair...

(think of this as a post on very funny people)

Okay my top list of people I know who make me laugh in a good way, in no particular order:


I'm not sure if we'll be able to go out and party tonight. But I know that Mike will try his utmost to sway us with the lure of sweet, sweet booze at Jamo's.

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