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Not about Food...
Monday, March 12, 2007

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Not about Food...
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Two soul mates, a man and a woman pass each other every day but fail to notice the other. The man still lives with his mother and the woman lives with two old friends. One day, at the same time the man and the woman both decide they want a house of their own. The man calls a real estate agent who recommends a lovely house by the lake and an appointment is booked for noon the next day. The woman also calls a real estate agent who recommends the same lovely house by the lake and books an appointment for 12:30 the next day. Because the man is always late and the woman is always early, the two soul mates finally end up meeting for the first time at the house by the lake. The moment they lay eyes on each other, they envision their entire lives together, the cozy nights in the house, trips, a dog, babies etc. As their perfect life flashes before them, they become so full of love for one another, so full that they explode!

This is a retelling of one of the monologues from Daniel McIvor's Swan Song performance of "House" at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Daniel McIvor is sort of like Dr. House but less annoying, funnier and possibly even darker. His play is about a fucked-up but not weird character. The difference he says is that you're born weird but you become fucked up. McIvor gives a great show about his fucked up life and the weird people he meets in group therapy. Filmmaker, Adam Egoyen was in the front row and laughed hysterically the whole time! "House" ends on April 1st. For all you New Yorkers, you should fly in.

"House" was one of the best things that I did this weekend. The second was going to the zoo which was like an icy zoo ghost town, it being winter. We were lucky to able to wander on our own through tropical rain forests amidst the squawking of exotic birds. We befriended a zoo keeper who introduced us to this sweet hornbill who was blind and partly brain damaged because she'd flown into a wall (she was looking the wrong way). This bird was like a cat. She would put her enormous beaked head on your shoulder, let you stroke her feathers and purr in absolute bliss, her long eyelashes fluttering as she struggled to keep her eyes open. I was in love...bird love.

The third best thing of our weekend was yet another play called the Overcoat based on Gogol's short story with the same name. The play tells this beautiful melancholic story without words through a mime like dance like you would see in Silent Films. It's like Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin with moments that reminded me of the movie Modern Times. This was the play's closing night.

Afterwards we went for dessert with our friends. We wanted to talk more about the play but for some reason we couldn't stop talking about food even when we tried to declare a moratorium on the subject.