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Big Ball Discomfort
Thursday, March 8, 2007

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Big Ball Discomfort

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Quebec continues to talk about separating from Canada...Politics never change here. If it weren't for the US, we'd be bored silly. We appreciate George Bush's entertainment value even he sometimes scares us a little.

It's a lovely sunny day, so lovely and sunny that it's caused a number of car accidents among distracted drivers.

This week, I decided to try a big ball class at the gym. Some of the exercises made me uncomfortable even though I once took a wrestling class where you had to pick people up by their crotches. At least wrestling left you feeling empowered unlike the big ball class. At one point, the teacher had the six of us (all women) straddle our big balls and gyrate back and forth. Then HE gave instructions like, "tighten your thigh grip", "pulsate" and "faster." There was a guy at the door looking at us perplexed and another who'd stopped his work-out to watch us. The worst part was while I was smiling at the ridiculousness of it all, the teacher pointed to me and stated how I was really enjoying myself. I really think this was an exercise best done in the comfort of your home while say watching Battlestar.

I never thought I'd be gym girl, you know the whole rat on wheel thing, the whole lemming thing. I've done yoga and rock climbed but the problem is I've never been able to do them with any regularity. One summer when I couldn't move my neck or pick up a spoon thanks to repetitive strange injury, I decide it was a good idea to sign up for a gym.

The germ aspect of the gym is especially difficult for me. I think gyms are disgusting. I read about this celeb. who not only won't set foot in a gym but will only exercise outside. Gyms are gross, what with people in compromising positions on mats leaving their sweat and hair grease behind for someone else to lie in, people rubbing their nose, rubbing themselves and then putting their paws all over the equipment. The other day, after de-sanitizing the squat machine, I accidentally licked the neck rest when I turned my head too quickly. It tasted salty, I was a little horrified.

I'm not going to quit the gym or anything but I thought maybe I'd ask if anyone had any good ideas for exercises at home??? We have free weights and we do the Rodney Yee Yoga video but these can be limiting. I also have the New York Ballet's work out but it's on VHS.