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Fifty Things
Wednesday, February 28, 2007

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I'm a newbie here on Happy Robot. Since nobody really knows who I am I thought this fantastically narcissistic list of 50 things about me might help. I got the idea from one of pony's entries which I thought was inspiringly witty. If you have nothing better to do, read on...

1. People say I look like Meg Ryan, Woody Allen, Molly Ringwald and Queen Elizabeth

2. Robert Munch made up a story about my hair on Book Television

3. I often invent show tunes in my head but I don't really like musicals

4. My father died just before the millennium, I have my father's hands

5. I've never popped a zit in my life and never will

6. I don't shave because I have little hair on my body but lots on my head

7. I wish Al Gore were the Prime Minister of Canada, I'd be so proud

8. My mother used to always tell me I was pretty but I wanted her to tell me I was smart

9. I have an undershirt from when I was 11 that still fits me

10. My dream is to have my own talk show

11. I can't stand stinginess

12. I predict I will die of Cancer even though I've yet to be diagnosed

13. Some of the most inspired moments of my life have been with strangers

14. I like all the doors closed when I'm asleep

15. My nickname is Goo

16. I'm told I walk like a baby elephant

17. My farts smell like fermented fruit

18. My father often recited Shakespeare to me at the dinner table, he had a British accent

19. On the treadmill at my gym, I wave to people outside in their cars and they wave back

20. I don't like Stephen Spielberg movies

21. I sleep with an eye guard and ear plugs every night

22. The movie Elizabeth made me move back to Toronto

23. Hallelujah by Jeff Beck is the sexiest song ever.

24. My job is to approach people I don't know and ask them questions

25. I've been keeping a diary since I was 11

26. I have no addictions but I am obsessive

27. I often get into television shows years after they've aired

28. I once chatted with Mr. T on my way to school. He was filming in my neighbourhood

29. I'm afraid of the sun

30. I interviewed Derek Jeter in his dressing room and had no idea who he was

31. I watch kids cartoons when I first wake up

32. I think I laughed the least when I was dating a comedian

33. My brother and I used to put Tabasco sauce on each other's toothbrushes

34. I prefer to sit on the fence so I can see both sides

35. Every night before I go to bed I try to think of three good things that happened that day

36. I'd describe myself as a cheerful cynic

37. Sometimes I find optimists to be insincere

38. I think asking for a plastic bag is like saying you'd like global warming with your groceries

39. I hate puns

40. I did an English degree but I hardly ever read books

41. Coating vegetables in cream and cheese is insulting to the vegetables

42. I find it a relief to talk about death

43. I can summon animals at will but only in Africa

44. I once got chased by a scorpion

45. On my first solo trip, I went to India

46. I'm not sure if marriage is necessary

47. I'm a Taurus. I like moss.

48. The first word I ever learned was artery

49. I still don't know all of my times tables

50. I knew he was the one when he threw up on the plane