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I'm an idiot!
Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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This probably won't surprise you given my propensity for spelling errors but according to a recent IQ test, I'm a borderline idiot, whereas My bf, Teppie is a borderline genius. Ever since he learned this he's been doing more IQ tests in order to further affirm his brilliance. He's become an ego-maniac!

This all started because our public broadcasting station, the CBC, aired a program called Test the Nation, where people across the country could do their IQ tests on-line or while watching mayors, tattoo-artists, surgeons, fitness instructors, millionaires and Canadian celebrities (whatever that means) also take the test.

The fitness instructors did better than the mayors. Apparently, vegetarians also have higher IQs as do red-heads.

Anyway, you're probably itching to take your own IQ test. Here's one you can try:

Feel free to share the verdict, especially if like me, you turn out to be an idiot.