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Oh Canada!
Tuesday, March 6, 2007

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Kissed my boyfriend, Teppie this morning and felt nauseous. I think it might have been all the chocolate cookies I ate last night combined with the film of sardines coating his lips.

The front page news says there is a giant ice-cube the size of a Volkswagen hanging from the CN tower. Part of it fell off and virtually crushed a car. I believe the car was not a Volkswagen.

According to a recent poll, Canada and Japan are the most liked countries in the world whereas Israel and Iran are the least. Guess people don't tend to favour countries that begin with the letter "i". "I" is and has always been a difficult letter.

Our friend, a respected pothead claims the newest Arcade Fire well lives up to all its hype. His lovely girlfriend, Gigi, who hates pot, recommended us to Lily Allen. We immediately went out and bought her CD. At first I was a little leery when I heard it was available at Starbucks but it's really grown on me and Teppie too, who loves the song, Alfie, a plea from Lily to her brother who smokes pot all day in his bedroom.

Last week, I was quite disturbed to discover that of the 100 most important novels listed in the New York Times I've only read 12. Of the guardian list I've read 15. This disturbed me because I have a degree in English although some of the books on the very Brit centric list are oddly obscure titles. I'm now reading Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. This particular translation was on Oprah's list of must reads which worries me somewhat. The book reminds me a little bit of Oprah's show.

What is the most important, influential book you've ever read? I think Happyrobot should have it's own list in addition to a list of the most influential foods people have ever eaten.