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Gifts ROCK
A bunch of my friends got together for cocktails this past weekend to celebrate my birthday. Here are a few fun things I got as gifts:

1. Pink's "M!ssundaztood" album - OK I admit its bad top 40 crap. Let's just say it's a guilty pleasure of mine and move on.

2. A shot of Southern Comfort with lime - maybe there was more than one. It's all good.

3. A bunch of moody compilation cd's mixed by my moody/goth friend. Bands include Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Golden Palominos, NIN, Mazzy Star, The Cure, etc. (get the picture?) The best one is called Mary-Kate and Ashley Magical Mystery Morgue Mix. What makes it great is the cover photo of the twins looking like zombies.

4. A Hello Kitty vibrator - this is more of a novelty gift than a gift I can use. Not because its' sick and wrong but because I have issues with my "toys" having faces. Is this T.M.I.? Maybe.

5. Homemade Truffles - the kind that make you roll your eyes in the back of your head when they touch your lips. NO JOKE, this happens. My friend is a chef and made them at work. Some had Bailey's Irish Cream in them and some Chambord. I think they lasted all of 5 minutes. Dee-licccc-ious.

I was going to show you some pictures from that night. Then, I thought, pictures of me licking chocolate from my shirt is really not lady like. Maybe next time.

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