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Eat, Drink, and be Annoyed
My weekend = Good food, good times, and great friends.

Friday I had dinner over at my cousin's house (she is a great cook). I had not seen her or her new husband since her wedding back in August. We polished off three bottles of wine and looked though wedding photos. It was very funny because I as one of the bridesmaids I took it upon myself to collect the disposable cameras at the wedding. Any camera that still had pictures in it was finished with pictures of me and whoever was next to me at the time. There was quite a few that were just down right scary!

Saturday Tricia and I went to see a movie and then met a few friends out for dinner and drinks. Later I met up with some of my friends that have just moved to San Francisco. They told me they met a nice couple that is moving to New York that I have to meet. They are hooking me up with replacement friends isn't that nice of them.

Sunday I had a lazy morning and couldn't motivate my ass out of the house to cheer on my sister in the marathon (sorry sistah). In my defense, this was her 4th NYC marathon (she also ran about 6 more around the world) and well you see one marathon you see them all right? By late, afternoon some friends and I decide to go to our favorite restaurant for dinner. We had the best Korean food EVER. After dinner we went to and Italian pastry place and had desert, a great way to end a good weekend.

Now my weekend was only good, it would have been GREAT if these things happened.
(1) If I had another bottle of wine on Friday
(2) If I had brought my pinball purse out on Saturday
(3) If the most annoying couple didn't sit next to us at dinner on Sunday.
About this couple, where do I begin? I believe they were both models because they were overly pretty and wore these trashy rich designer cloths (you know the kind that is really expensive but looks like you can find it at H&M). They talked VERY LOUD about the dumbest sh*t. One particularly dumb comment we overheard was the guy saying he met a real New Yorker and actually said, "You know the kind, eh oh fugetabotit." Said in I think Long Island accent or maybe he was trying for the Sopranos effect I am not sure. To top it all off the girl had the worst British accent. For a minute, I thought Madonna was next to us. At this point, my friend T was figuring out how she can kill herself with her chopsticks. It's a good thing this restaurant didn't have knives out on the table, ten minutes more and we would have been this mornings headlines.

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