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I知 not alone

It is 4:26AM and I just got home from my movie midnight viewing of Lord of the Rings the Two Towers. I have no time to put this review into just two sentences so I am just going to say it. The movie is BRILLIANT. I am sure there will be words said somewhere that the Gollum/Sm饌gol character is the Jar Jar Binks of the film. This is NOT TRUE! And as Tricia pointed out there was plenty of scenes with both Aragorn and Legolas the two slices of bread that I would like to be sandwiched between! There was also a new HOTTIE in the flick ノomer played bye Karl Urban (delicious). Well I should get to bed now, I have to be at work for 11. OH the ENTS rocked! I wonder if they have action figures for them WOW they do just no picture check it out .... again I say it proudly I AM A DORK but there was a LOT of other people at the theater with me so I know I am not alone.

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