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I just want to vent my frustrations on yet another job I did not get for what reason I do not know. I had all the skills needed and I had friends that worked at the company (hell half of the staff worked at my last job). I thought it was a no brainer since I had interviewed with them on Christmas Eve. I sent a follow up email two weeks later (they were off for a week between Xmas and NYE) that gave me a response that went like this:

"Hi Kelly
Happy New Year. Thanks for staying in touch. We have not filled the position. We haven't seen anyone since you were here last. We will be seeing two more candidates next week. We enjoyed meeting with you and also feel confident that you would be an asset to the department. I will be in touch with you soon.
Take care
The man"

Later that week I also get an email from my friend that works there who is telling them to hire me and she says:

"Hey Kelly
Just wanted to update you on what I heard about the position here...they are still waiting for HR approval but I heard you are the top candidate as everyone really liked you (I had no doubt)! So, hopefully you'll hear something very soon!
See you next week!"

So Why is it that today I get an email from the man saying?

We have offered the position to another individual. It was a pleasure meeting with you and will definitely keep you in mind as other opportunities arise at Publishing Company X.
the man"

WTF! This just pisses me of even more. I also had just interviewed for another Job last week that I know I can do but won't get because I lack experience in a portion of the job that would take about 8% of my time. I feel employers of late are looking for people at extreme experience levels to do the hands on down and dirty work people at those levels never get their hands dirty - I WILL but still can not seem to convince people I can. FARTKNOCKERS DAMN CRAP POOP!

Saving grace is I have a freelance job starting next week so at least I will have some money. Chris - shots - yes!

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