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Jesus Clone

So I caught the last 10 minutes of "Dinner for Five" (a show on IFC where Jon Favreau invites 4 guest to dinner and they discuses the business). This episode had Janeane Garofalo, David Byrne (from Talking Heads), Dave Eggers (of McSweeney's fame) and Joey Pants. They were talking about pitching ideas for movies and such when David Byrne said he tried to pitch a movie where they cloned Jesus from something like the Shroud of Turin. The movie would basically be about Jesus in his teens getting into trouble. According to David no one wanted to touch the idea but Joey Pants said, "if Brad Pitt wanted to play the cloned Jesus, the studios would be killing themselves to make the film." Got to love Joey. I just thought it would be funny having Jesus in a John Hughes "teen movie" a la Weird Science or Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Picture it everyone bored at a house party and Jesus turns water into beer or makes snacks appear whenever he gets the munchies or happens upon a parade and gets up and sings Too Legit to Quit while the crowds go wild! Party on Jesus Party on!

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