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Music for the Masses

Last Friday night I went to see Paul Weller at the Hammerstein. I was working that day right next to grand central and had to meet my friends at Hammerstein at 8:30. I thought I was going to be late because my job is a little wacky with the hours - I ended up staying later than I wanted. I rushed out the door and down into the train station to catch the shuttle across town. There is always someone playing music on this platform that night was no different. The guy had a wonderful soulful voice. He was singing that Otis classic "Try a Little Tenderness." I wish I could have stayed and listened to him but I was already late.

The Shuttle trains leaves right way and I get off at Times Square. I made my way to the downtown 1 train and heard a band performing on the uptown platform. They had this Squirrel Nut Zipper sound I guess its jazz/big-band/swing/dixie or what you want to make of it but they were good! Train came and I had to go just one stop but I was late and wearing my tall shoes, I really couldn't be running in the streets. I get off at 34th street to find a guy playing the steel drums. Another amazing performer, there must have been something in the air.

As I was navigating my way, down through Penn Station I came across yet another musical act. This last one was not nearly as good as the others and I am tempted to say that it may have been some sort of Karaoke thing going on. I had not time to investigate and I am solely going on the fact that the guy didn't sound up to train performance par. Last time I was down in Penn Station, I noticed they opened a new bar next to the Mickey D's. I am only assuming that it may have been Karaoke night at that bar, I mean the guy WAS singing "New York, New York" completely off key.

I made it to the Hammerstein 5 min late but still in time to catch the show. Let me just say Paul Weller just ROCKED MY ASS OFF. And if you are now thinking - who the hell is Paul Weller? - then you need to go back to Rock in Roll High school. Highlights of the night were songs "That's Entertainment," "A Town Called Malice," "In the Crowd," "Long Hot Summer," "What's Goin' On," "Going Places," and "Sunflower." So if you know me at all or have been to a concert with me in the past - oh 17 years - you would know that I always pick a specific song (of that artist) I want to hear. Sometimes it's played most of the time it's not since I usually pick obscure b-sides or unpopular songs. But alas I had picked a single ("It's Written In The Stars") from his new album and he did not play it. That and the boy with the really bad breath was the only downside to the show. I love Paul Weller!

To continue my week of music bliss I will be picking up the new CD by Fisherspooner, exchanging a few CD's with my friend Sean (one of the people behind VH1's "I Love the 80's"), and going to a DM party. I'm in Music heaven!

"music makes the people come together"

Cheesy? - of course it's me!

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