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Middle Fingers and Devil Horns

I am only gonna tell you this once so RUN don't walk to your nearest record store and pickup the latest Supersuckers CD "Motherfuckers Be Trippin'."

The album was released on April 22 and I just HAD to get it before May 2nd since I was going to see them live. I wasn't near a record shop until Tuesday the 29th. I went to Tower Records and after a -hour search of the entire store, I found the CD only thing is it was priced at $17.99. (Just so, you know the Supersuckers section was empty of the new CD and there were 5 still in the shop hidden on one of those new releases rack that is why it took me a hour.) I use to work at Tower Records and since I was getting most of my music on the 5-finger discount, I to this day refuse to pay regular price for any CD. I thought new releases were always on sale. WTF! I decided not to buy it there and went to Sounds the next day but the guy working there claims the album hasn't been released since his store didn't have it. The guy was so snotty. He said the guy from Matador was just there and he didn't bring that album so it must not be out yet. Dumbass they are not on Matador they were on SubPop but now have their own label Mid-Fi and YES it is out cause I just had it in my hands yesterday at Tower. I know - I too had the that record store employee attitude back in the day but come on I'm not asking if they have that song that that girl sings about love and stuff you know the one that is all over the radio . I just wanted that KICK ASS CD! I then checked Joe's who acted like they never even heard of the band and Kim's who was sold out (mind you Kim's were selling it for $15.99 so I might not have bought it anyway). It was now Thursday and I still didn't have the CD, how the hell was I gonna memorize all the songs before the show?

I opted to wait and pick the CD up at Virgin Records Friday since the Supersuckers were doing and in-store performance. They would HAVE to have the CD and it most definitely would be on sale. I met Tricia at 119 for some afternoon cocktails and we headed over the Virgin to see the boys. They did an acoustic set complete with one of my new favorite songs "Pretty Fucked Up". I finally purchased the CD for $12.99 (now your talking) and got the boys to sign it along with my favorite album "La Mano Cornuda" (yes I do feel like a 15 year old). I also got Tricia to pose with them for a picture for her ex-husband who is a huge suckers fan. Would it be mean to send them to him?

We were suppose to go see the suckers Friday night out in Brooklyn and then Saturday night at the Knitting Factory. I was way too pooped to go out Friday night since I had lived that previous week like I was a rock star or something. (Sunday work, Monday work-dinner & beer, Tuesday work-movies & beer, Wednesday work-Pearl Jam & beer, Thursday work-Super Diamond & beer, Friday work & beer.) After 13 hours of sleep, a few Excedrin and listening to the album a few times I was ready to ROCK!

I met Tricia and Christine at NWP for some pre-concert drinks. Headed over to the show and caught one of the opening bands who's keyboard player really freaked me out for some reason. Maybe because he was playing the keyboards like he was the baddest motherfucker in the room but the whole time he had his mouth gapping open like he was getting root canal . It was oh so odd you just had to have been there to understand what I mean. The Suckers came on around 12:15 and ROCKED MY ASS OFF (insert devil horns here) for over an hour. I had my middle finger up went into the pit and I was jumping up and down like I was 17 again. They even played my new theme song "A Good Night For My Drinkin'". After the show, I went back to NWP to get my jacket and have a nightcap before I headed home.

I know I was only going to tell you once but I lied . Go get this CD!

Spread the Evil.

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