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plans for the weekend

OK I know it's really sad when you make plans on a Monday for the weekend I mean who has done that since college. Everyone knows all "the cool people" do their parting during the week and leave the weekend for armatures. I feel like a kid again because I have been looking forward to this weekend for some time now. The Brooklyn Brewery is having a 15th Anniversary Block Party, which means all the beer you can drink for 5 hours. I have been to quite a few of these and well they only seem to get better with time. I am usually VERY DRUNK by 4:30 so that means all men should at that time cover their nipples (or come to the event with nipple coverage) and hand me a helmet when I go to the port-o-potty . Long story, I guess you'll have to just be there here's the info:

The Brooklyn Brewery's 15th Anniversary Block Party

Celebrate 15 years of Award Winning Ales and Lagers with 2000 of your closest friends! July 12, 2003 from 1-6pm

Brooklyn Brewery Beers are the guests of honor at our 15th Anniversary Block Party. You will be able to enjoy an endless supply of our Award Winning ales and lagers with 2000 of your closest friends this afternoon from 1-6pm. There will be 3-4 bands playing with DJs between sets. Confirmed acts so far are: The Caulfield Sisters, Brooklyn Browngrass and DJs Mikey Palms and Ayers of "The Rub" held every month at Southpaw in Brooklyn. Tix are available at for $25 per ticket*. Cheers!

(* this does not include service charge)

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