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My misadventures for the past 2 weeks .

So, I have much to address and no time to tell you everything. In addition, I wanted to give Blaine my weekend report so here it goes a few snippets of my past 2 weeks. (BTW Blaine I am sure you never hear this like I never hear the Kelly song from Cheers but I am laughing at myself now "Blaine!!! His name is BLAINE that's the name of a major appliance that's not a name!" ok I'm done now)

From Monday the 7th to Thursday the 10th, I went out drinking after work with my friend Tricia partly to prepare myself for beerfest and partly to celebrate Tricia's new job at my company (her first day was the 14th). What I learned I should not order Nachos as a meal when out drinking . EVER!

Friday the 14th I went to see Douglas Leader with Jim and Christine. They played a show with Vinnie Nobile (his band is Cenzo) you can download 2 of his songs on their site. What I learned always carry a fan in the summer because you never know if you are going to be somewhere that doesn't have AC. Siberia's basement lacks AC!

Saturday the 12th was the actual beerfest and I am not sure if it was all the preparing I had done or the fact that I wanted to be on my best behavior. (Previous beerfest always seem to end with various bumps and bruises and a bad story that your friends repeat over and over you know the ones about you pinching their boyfriends or some random strangers nipples like I DO that sort of thing in public - *cough*. is it bad that this year I only pinched my co-workers nipples?- *cough* I mean - oh never mind) This year's highlights were Pat copping a feel off of all my friends, the zipper on my jeans breaking and me showing off my flirt underwear. Oh and me barffing it up at Mugs around 7pm. I was completely annoyed with all the children present (literally parents with small CHILDREN in strollers at a BEERFEST) and one guy with two dogs (dude leave that shit at home it has no place at a BEERFEST!) What I learned I should not have started the day with a mimosa brunch . Yeah that was the reason (not the 30 beers). If I had about 5 more I might have kicked a child and punch the guy with the dogs.

Sunday the 13th I went to a BBQ out on Long Beach to see my brother in law who was home for a week. He joined the Army after my sister joined the National Guard (they are both nuts). They got married this time last year at city hall and after he finished boot camp he was sent off to Germany. My sister was deployed in March and is still in Kuwait. His whole family was at the BBQ (including his brother who I took to my High School prom almost 15 years ago!!!!) it was a lovely day and I turned a little pink from being out in the sun. What I learned I should never leave the house without sunscreen.

Monday the 14th Tricia starts her first day at my office. That night we go out to celebrate. What I learned I should really try to stay ON the Wagon when I say I want to be on the wagon.

The rest of the week was much the same as the last. I think I had one night I went home and vegged in front of the TV. This weekend was nothing great. Friday I went out with Tricia to see this band Synthicide out in Williamsburg. I had seen them once before and they were a lot of fun. They boys however were not into it this time around and it showed. I offered to play cowbell at their next show since we found a drumstick in the cushions - they are thinking about it. What I learned Never let your drunken friend cock block you with a boy you like but don't know if they are gay or straight. If she looks like she is getting too close you are allowed to kick her in the knee. (oh and I am not talking about the boys in the band it's someone else and she knows she did me wrong).

Saturday I was invited over to Tisha's apartment for a mimosa brunch. I have known Tisha for over 5 years now and that was the first time I was invited over to her apartment. I don't count the one time I had to cat sit for her 2 years ago because everyone else on her list before me was going to be at her sisters wedding so I got the gig by default. Everyone seem to have bought booze or dessert. We ate WAY too much and drank even more. I made it an early night since I had to work on Sunday. What I learned I should really sleep more instead of drink more (I'm not as young as I use to be).

So yeah, I had to work on Sunday (every other Sunday to be exact). I clocked in 11 hours for the day and boy was I pooped! My only saving grace was Tricia got me to go for dinner on Monday after a hellish 10-hour day. Burritos and Beer YUM! What I learned My alternate work Sundays won't be so bad if Tricia makes sure I go out for drinks and dinner the following Monday. I love having friends at work. It makes after work plans so easy but doesn't help much on that getting more sleep.

That was my two weeks as brief as I can make it without staying up till 2 to cut it down. Other things on my mind I need to address in the near future (or when I am not out drinking) are:

1) how much I hate J-Lo/Ben are they over yet?
2) Respond to my hate comment on my How to quit you job and love every minute of it post - (you don't know me Veronica!)
3) How much the hockey trades are freaking me out.
4) Pros and cons of
5) Also wondering where Tony is? And what is he doing? And what is he thinking about? And is he thinking about me.

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