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Bras or the lack thereof!

Ok so I know it's summer and all and it's is HOT in the city but I do not think I could tolerate one more day of women walking around braless. I know the boys out there enjoy the boobies' hell I find myself sometimes having boob envy. But lately I have seen way more boobs that should be in a bra. I don't know why these women think it's ok to go without. Have they never heard of the pencil test???

For those who don't know what I am talking about take the 2 minutes to do the following test. Take off your cloths from the waist up, in the spot where the breast ends and your torso begins place a pencil. Without holding up your breast with the other hand let go of the pencil. If the pencil falls to the floor then you are allowed to go out without a bra. If your sagging breast holds the pencil there then you need a BRA!

I know that bras are sometimes uncomfortable and in this weather not fun to wear. But please people; don't make me stand on the corner with a bullhorn to tell you to wear a bra. I swear I just might do it.

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