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to be young and annoying

Last week was one of those weeks that I work from Sunday to Friday. Late Tuesday I get an email from my good friend Sean to tell me he had extra tickets to see the Psychedelic Furs (who new they were touring) if I wanted them. You see Sean and wife Katie just had a beautiful baby girl, Rebecca Grace so Sean will not be hanging out like he use to. As he said in a voicemail to me, he would be busy for the next week, month, or 23 years. I was planning to go out for drinks on Tuesday anyway because I took Wednesday off so I was delighted to get some comp tickets to the show. It was me, Tricia and James that ended up going and surprisingly the Furs put on a good show. They played all the hits and Tricia really liked the show while I don't think they were as good as the Human League last month. Call me an 80's snob I don't care!

I was pretty pooped after the show but James wanted to hang out so he took us down to this bar that he had bartended at that previous weekend. Tempest Bar is over on 8th Ave near Pen Station. OK James actually warned me before we got there that the crowd could get pretty young because it's right near F I T. I just had no idea that it was almost solely F.I.T. students complete with student ID worn around their necks (they didn't even try to hide that they were underage).

I remember back from the ages of 17-21 I use to go out drinking however, I do not want to believe I was ever as annoying as these kids today. Back then I hung out with older people when I drank at the bars downtown and well my college was up in Riverdale so I feel there I was allowed to be those annoying young people. Yes, I admit to being a girl drink drunk. At age 11, I was mixing wine spritzers and drinking rum and cokes, by 15, I graduated to Amaretto sours and Wine Coolers. Late 17's I was on the Malibu and cokes or hard cider, and by 21, I was on the beer and Guinness. I was never too drunk and never annoying (I refuse to believe I ever was).

No matter how many drinks we had that night, I was just getting more and more disgusted with my surroundings. James went outside for a smoke and all I could see were these annoying girls dressed to impress ordering such horrible girly drinks like Midori sours and long island ice teas (WHO THE HELL DRINKS THOSE). I went outside for some air since I felt at any moment I was going to have to bitch slap one of them. I find James chatting two of these girls up (one 18 the other 20). He was finding it so funny - the little drama they were going through that night. I could not relate to these girls (when I was there age I was hanging out with late 20 early 30 year olds and I didn't seem to have this generation gap problem) so I don't understand what happened with society that made me lose touch with the younger crowd. Maybe that is why my 18 year old niece called me OLD. Did I miss that "True Life" episode on MTV that explains the youth of today and why they are so fucked up? Or am I just getting old and bitter and don't want to relate to the younger crowd cause I am happy in my own age group.

I tolerated about an hour of this kiddy time before I wanted to kill myself - only I didn't have the paper and lemons handy to do it. James noticed I was having NO FUN so he let me "talk to Bob" to calm down a bit but it didn't help and I had to go home.

The following day I had booked myself a day of beauty at this spa. I got a manicure, pedicure, facial and haircut. Thom cut my hair a little too short once again but I am happy that I do not look like a hippie anymore. I just have to live with this newscaster hair for a month and it should grow to the length I wanted it. Wednesday was great! Just what I needed after that frightful Tuesday. I did not want to go back to work on Thursday, I sometimes wish I was unemployed again but then I realized if I was I couldn't afford a day at the spa. I guess I'll just have to win lotto.

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