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I could be happy!

"I would like to climb high in a tree
I could be happy, I could be happy
or go to Skye on my holiday
I could be happy, I could be happy
maybe swim a mile down the Nile
I could be happy, I could be happy
all of these things I do
all of these things I do
to get away from you
get away, run away, far away, how do I?
get away, run away, far away,
how do I escape from you?"

-Altered Images

OK this song totally makes me smile and right now, I am listening to my Best of Altered Images CD (its in heavy rotation at the moment). Despite working on Sunday, I had a pretty decent weekend. My friend Tisha is going to Amsterdam this April for her 30th birthday and well she has never partaken of the sweet leaf. I made it my mission to get her good and ready for her trip. I hope she had fun ‘cause I sure did. I think the ice cream sandwich, pizza and coffee helped later that night. Ah good times!

Work on Sunday sucked as usual. I spent the morning getting the week ready for my co-workers since I was going to be out serving on jury duty. By the afternoon I got nothing done except decide on the design for my next tattoo. I am very happy with it and plan on going to the shop to have Mike draw it out for me so I can make sure I want it. I plan to get it sometime in August. It's a Kio fish to go with the other one he did.

I am also in a good mood today because I have been listening to my iPod (I mean my precious) on random songs. I currently have 5506 songs on there I have been getting some good on-the-go mixes. This morning was exceptionally funny since I was stuck on a train with a child that was having a tantrum. It was no small tantrum - this was an all out child in rage tantrum complete with kicking, biting and screaming for a good 20 min. Did I happen to say I was stuck on the train in the tunnel during this act of rage? While it was happening, my iPod starts to play A Tribe Called Quest's "Can I Kick It?" – You know what I wanted to do … and the song just kept saying "Can I Kick It? – YES you Can!" … I so wanted to and I might have if the train wasn't so crowded. You know, I really don't understand parents today that do not correct or even try to manage their children. What is this no hitting rule now a day – I was hit as a child and I turned out ok! Do they not want their child exposed to violence? Is that it? I don't understand how that works since the world today is way more violent than it was 25 years ago. I was watching H.R. Pufnstuf when I was growing up - the kids today watch The Matrix. But I digress I don't want to make this some big topic of debate since I really don't care about the children. Well I only care when they annoy me then I usually want to harm them. OK I need to get out of this hole (I might need a shovel people) … so back to Jury Duty. Sad but, every time I think "Jury Duty" I think of that really bad Pauly Shore movie.

What was I saying …? Oh yeah, I get to Jury Duty late but that is OK since they were just showing that video on why it's so great to be selected to jury service. Like you just won the fucking lotto or something … YIPPY I am going to court to listen to people talk about something that happened years ago and I have to be fair and impartial and only judge the facts when the fact is that no one really wants to be there … OH or is that just me? (I know this is bad I am suppose to take this all serious and all but I really can't when I am distracted by so many things like kicking children). Anyway I think their might have been a D-listed celebrity there. This guy looks British with that skinnier/taller Thom Yorke look. He had a tattoo on his left hand and forearm and he had both ears pierced But as I sat there staring at the back of his head I got to think that he might not be a celebrity at all but rather a bartender I once crossed paths with. . I think he finished his service because when I came back from lunch he was gone. Oh well I will never know. By the afternoon I totally fell asleep in my chair and was snoring my head off (I know this because my snoring woke me up). I plan on bringing my notebook tomorrow since there is so much more I want to tell you about but I have since forgotten it all …. I had a really good nap.

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