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hello strangers

I have so much to tell you guys but I am still without a functioning home computer and my job is sucking so hard lately I have no time to pee let alone write. So hear in a nutshell are a few things on my mind:

My sister is home from the war. She arrived last Saturday and the family went out to Ft. Dix to see her. She is stuck there until the weekend I think she needs to be re-introduced to civilian life or something like that … she looks good and we are all happy she is home safe. Her husband on the other hand just arrived over to Iraq last month. We are now hoping he is comes home soon.

Like Anne I wanted to write something witty about my sister like the time she tried to cut my hair off while I was sleeping and traumatized me for LIFE … maybe I'll write that someday in the future…

Has anyone seen that new show on Bravo called Significant Others??? It's BRILLINAT I especially love Ethan – he has great lines "there, there Realtor"

Is it just me or is everyone creeped out with the Bob Dylan / Victoria Secret commercials.

I'm still on the wagon

I am now working on 7 magazines and funny that I didn't get a raise! … oh and one of the sales reps I deal with (who I might just punch in the face one of these days) looks just like Ned Flanders or Bernie from "Weekend at Bernie's"

I love Honky Crackers Drinking game … is it wrong if I drink with non-alcoholic beer?

I reworked my taxes and now I am getting a REFUND from both Federal and State WOO HOO

Did I mention that work sucks

My cousins are visiting from Ireland … they have been here over a week and I still haven't seen them

All work and no play makes Kelly a dull girl ….

Playoffs start tonight … Go Stars Go Leafs .. that is my dream playoff Stars vs. Leafs

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