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Oh Canada

At the beginning of the Hockey season I purchased the NHL package on my cable provider. I was able to watch all the games across the country, which was great because I follow 3 teams and only one of them is local. I was watching the Leafs/Senators playoff game #2 the other night and I found the Canadian commercials are just AWESOME! I being the ignorant American of course know nothing about Canada and well I learned a lot over the course of the game. Did you know that Neil Young is Canadian? So, I am writing this Ode to Canada because I want to officially nominate Pony as the greatest Canadian (can I do that even though I'm not Canadian?) Check it out.

According to the contest rules: Based on the nominations, CBC (which is a Canadian TV channel) will create an exciting new television series for fall 2004. The show will pit the Top Ten Great Canadians as chosen by you against each other. You'll have a chance to vote for one of the Top Ten after each episode, until the votes are tallied and your choice for The Greatest Canadian of all time is revealed.

I can just see it now, Pony vs. Mike Myers, Paul Anka, Neil Young, Anne Murray, Wayne Gretzky, Barbara Ann Scott, Donald Sutherland, Guy Laliberte and Celine Dion in a cage match rumble to the finish. Pony would win hands down!

On a side note I was thinking of moving to Canada there seems to be no love for Hockey here in the USA. I would love to live somewhere where the temperature is not too warm and everyone appreciates the sport of Hockey. Do I need to speak French to move there? And will they let me cheer for my US teams?

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