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cheer up, Charlie

Things I want to write about:

A) how much I hate my job right now
B) how my end of summer cold is 2 weeks late
C) why I have no plans for my birthday other than it will be out of state somewhere
D) how the World Cup of Hockey was a sad substitute for the next year without hockey
E) oh and tell you about the night I got so shit-faced I don't even remember getting home.
F) all of the above

Why I don't have time to write - because I'm:

A) overworked
B) sick with a head cold
C) stressed out
D) getting old
E) if not sick I'm too drunk
F) all of the above

So my Birthday is October 1st I love birthdays I want everyone to come out and have a drink with me for my special day (date/time TBD). Ok who am I kidding I celebrate my birthday for at least 2 months so any time I see you between say next week and December will be out in honor of my birthday.

Oh and because I am sick and now have had some 'quil in me I feel I need to explain a bit . The title of this post is "cheer up, Charlie" which is a title of a song that appeared in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. Which was released in 1971 (my birth year) and the day the kids got to go to Wonka's Factory in the movie was on October 1st. (see kids this is what happens when you're tired and sick you babble on about ridiculous stuff). In a round about way I am getting the fact that it is my Christ year and I have absolutely nothing to show for it. .... top contender now for the birthday getaway weekend is Boston but coming in a close second is Amsterdam or Arizona. Toronto is still the top contender for New Years Eve so I don't want to put it in the birthday mix although if I get a great deal I may go there twice.

But back the "cheer up, Charlie" explanation (redux) as I sit hear struggling to breath through my clogged sinuses I am making a vow that I will get the rest I need this weekend and kick this cold out of me, have a nice long chat with my boss and tell him that he is pushing me out of my job (it really is no fun anymore), and fucking cheer up and have fun damn it! To start, I will quote one of my favorite shows . Enjoy!

VYVYAN: One of the great things about summer is tea on the lawn. Unless you're an ant, in which case, it's a real bottomer.

NEIL: No, Vvyyan, it's a bummer. Summer is a bummer.

RICK: Oh, God, Neil, you're such a killjoy, aren't you? Hey, everyone, I'll bet I know what Neil writes in public lavatories. [scribbles in the air] Look out, Killjoy was here!

NEIL: Yeah, yeah, that's a really good idea. Let's all bring Neil down. That'd relieve the boredom.

VYVYAN: [stands] OK. Shut up Neil, you ugly poo-faced git! [turns] Your turn, Michael.

MIKE: Oh, thanks, Vyv. Alright, what's ugly, smelly, boring, and is standing in front of me called Neil?


MIKE: Perfectly correct.

NEIL: You all really hate me, don't you?

VYVYAN & MIKE: [together] Yes.

RICK: [nods] Yes we do, Neil. That is, when we can remember who you are. Ummmmm.....thig-a-ma-jig!
[laughs at his own joke]

[Neil grimaces in a rage and turns into the Incredible Hulk. His shirt rips off, his pants tear to shreds. Neil pushes Vyvyan out of the way, tosses Rick aside, picks Mike up and bodyslams him, all in slow motion. Suddenly, Neil is himself again, only with no shirt and ripped pants.]

VYVYAN: What's happened to all your clothes, Neil?

NEIL: [snapping out of it] I think I'd better just go upstairs and lie down for a bit, actually.

RICK: God, I hate him. He's a bore, he's a drip, he's a sneak. And he's a bloody eavesdropper.

NEIL: [leaning out of the previously broken window] I heard that, Rick.

-got to love The Young Ones!

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