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all I want for Christmas is NHL Hockey!

Dear Santa,

For the love of GOD can you please get this whole Hockey lockout sorted already? I have developed a bad rash and slowly losing my mind without that wonderful underappreciated sport called NHL Hockey. I have tried to get into the other leagues – you know the AHL, ECHL, OHL, WHL, UHL, CHL, SPHL, QMJHL, USHL, CCHA, Hockey East, ECAC or WCHA but it's just not the same without the powerhouses I love to watch. Sure I could be watching the next best thing but come on how am I suppose to know this kid is the next best thing if the games are not televised! I would love to go see the Rangers AHL team the Wolfpack but they play up in Connecticut – you know I don't have a driver's license or a car. I need my NHL Hockey. I miss my NHL Hockey. Santa, all I am asking is that you get Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow in a room and lock them there until they agree on something. Well until they agree on something that will salvage a NHL season.

I don't even care that IF the season starts in January that there is a good chance a bogus team like the Islanders might win the cup (it happened before just look at 1995 when the Devils won that year). Ok I know I shouldn't be dissing the Devils they do have that cute boy Scott Gomez who I keeping it real during the lockout and playing up in Alaska. The 1994-1995 "half" season really didn't do it for me but you know I would rather that than nothing at all. Hell I would even watch replacement players at this time IF I can get the games on TV– do you think they could get the Hanson brothers to play?

Oh but just one thing - I know some of the talking they are doing is how to make the game more appealing to watch, you know try and recruit new fans cause they are pissing off the ones they already have. I am begging you please do not let them make shootouts as a means to decide a winner part of the NHL. They don't do this in soccer and look at the fan base for that sport (I am talking everywhere else than the USA). Shootouts are ridiculous and to me take away from the game not add to it. I mean they are so many factors that can go wrong for that one moment of a game that is so intense for 60 minutes to turn it into a skill shot game is absurd. I can't even believe that Brendan Shanahan (of the Detroit Red Wings) actually had this on his top 10 list of recommendations to improve the standard of play in the NHL. Maybe and I mean MAYBE you can do it in the playoff after say 2OT because it just seems like the games never end after 2OTs but please do not do it during regular season. I really think it would make the sport a joke and probably loose more fans than gain more.

So Santa, please fix the NHL. Really that is all I want for Christmas. I have been good I promise. And if you don't have time to get it done in the next 2 days you can wait till after the new year. I hear the deadline is January 14. In the meantime maybe you can make the World Junior Championship games just as exciting as the NHL. That would be a nice Christmas day prezzie since I have nothing to do that day. Thanks so much.

Your Leafs, Stars, Rangers & Wings deprived fan,

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