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" An earwig crawled into my ear
Made a meal of the wax and hairs
Phoned friends, had an insect party
But all I could hear was the bass drum drum
All I could hear was the bass drum drum

Now if you put your ear close you'll be able to hear
Not the sea shore noise of the shore sea shell
The clatter of plates
And the bronze of the bell
Going ding dong, ding dong, ding dong dong

Going out of my mind as they hollow my head
I'm floating in the air, but my body's in bed
The more they eat, the more I see
What is not, but just could be
You can hear them laughing in my head
You can hear them laughing in my head
Ha ha ha ha ha

Now they've eaten my memory, I can't recall
How the world used to be before
So a vision is the same as what is real
Depends upon the lighting, and how I feel
Ding dong, drum drum, ha ha ha ha ha

And then the music stopped
The musician went away
They'd eaten all my brain
The red and the grey

They all stack at home
Dug a tongue through my nose
Where my brain used to be
Now there's only a hole"

-James from the album Stutter

I have a pimple in my ear that is really big and very sore and all I can think about it this song. I think it sums up quite nicely how I have been feeling this past week. No matter how many q-tips I stick in my ear I can't seem to pop this sucker (not a pretty image I know but come on I am in pain here I want some sympathies).

On top of that I feel so old because I realize this song is 19 years old and I remember when it came out (in 1986) ... Sad really that James never became hugely popular here in America until 1993 with their one hit Laid. I was so into them. Remember Sean when we went to see them for only 92 cents back in 1992 WDRE (92.7fm) had some seven year anniversary party and James just released their Seven album. Do you remember that? (ok no need to answer that I know)

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