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blood everywhere

I just got the nastiest paper cut on my middle finger. I swear I almost sliced off the tip. Right now it's being held together with Skin Shield but it feels like it wants to pop open and release more of my blood. I already whet through 3 tissues what more can I give.

I use to joke back at my old job that I wanted to die via massive amounts of paper cuts with lemon juice. Now that I am surrounded by paper I think that option might happen sooner than I wish it to. I get a paper cut usually once every two weeks and it's usually because I slide my hands around the edge of paper. Paper cuts are not fun people. I really think I am going to seriously do some damage someday.

On a side note they had a blood drive here at my job last week and I was the first person to donate. I am in the gallon plus club want to see my card? Anyway I work in a department with 8 men and out of the 9 of us only 2 donated. Just want to say men are such babies sometimes. "Oh I hate needles." "Oh look the gurneys are freaking me out do they really have to do that here?" "They take how much blood?" Oh but of course there was loads of left over cookies and snacks that our department snatched up. My lunch today will consists of chewy granola bars and Oreo cookies.

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