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Dropping a BOMB

So today of all days my boss tells me he resigned.

Now there are good things and bad things with this news. Good thing is my boss seemed to have checked out a while ago so it really doesn't seem too different with him not in the office. Bad thing is he just started up this project and is in the middle of another project and no one is up to speed with either of them. He is going to a competitor's company so I have a feeling tomorrow will be his last day. As you all know I was not very happy in my current position. My company is really fucked up and has no real direction, so even though my boss has recommended me to take over I know that I have not made the effort nor want the responsibility to bail out this sinking ship.

Really my company is that ass backwards that you need to have at least ten people approval to go take a shit in the middle of the day (the log lady would surely have a problem with this). No joke aside from the fact that I have to punch in every day and log in my time on the million different projects we currently work on I also open, track and maintain each job that is processed through the facility. I spend most of my day baby-sitting the staff and the clients ensuring that the pages for about 8+ magazines are OK and ready for press. It is not an easy job when you have about a dozen people bugging you daily for randoms, lo-res, PDF's, color corrections, tiffs, pages, bills, tracking numbers, invoices, magazines, job numbers, uploads, downloads, hires, page corrections, fonts, ads, application files, messengers, work orders, collected files , proofs, FedEx, and the fucking phone never stops ringing!!!!! I swear I am so OVER IT!

So now not only am I utterly fed up with the place now I have to deal with the added on stress of working through this transition and possibly training a new boss or better yet be given even MORE work. What is a girl to do??? I know ... after about 7 cocktails tonight it all came clear. I am waiting out just a week or so and seeing what my brilliant company will do. I know for a fact that they would not have confidence in anyone in my office to take over as none of us have made any effort to kiss ass in any company function or ever have taken the initiative to be outspoken and out there in the company eye via emails and kiss ass exposure. In addition it seems no one in the company (outside my facility) has half a brain so whom ever they choose to take over the facility has a bigger problem on their hands they have to convince the client that there penis is just as big as the clients so the client doesn't walk all over the facility like we are their little bitch. Such fucking stupid drama I am so glad I have made the choice to leave.

Now don't worry or freak out ya'll I will be OK. REALLY! I have a plan my boss who is leaving likes me and would hire me no problem. I am just waiting to see what my current company is going to do (if they would offer me the position they would have to give me a HUGE raise for me to even consider doing it and knowing my company that would never happen). My boss would probably need about 2 to 3 months to set up at the new place and find a spot for me so if I quit within the month I can get a few weeks off and I would be HAPPY and well rested and ready to start off my new adventure. I think it is a solid plan and if it doesn't pan out I can always go back to freelancing for a while until I find that dream job. A current job position that is available and would fall under my current dream job list is a receptionist for the Dallas Stars .... I am looking to go out there in March to see a game I just might see if I can set up an interview while I am there. Wish me luck!

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