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I need new pants in the worst way. Not sure if it is stress or the fact that I have replaced one of my daily meals with drinking but my pants do not fit me anymore. Maybe I have shrunk too? Right now my pants either drag on the floor in the back or hang low in the front as if I'm packing like John Holmes' grandfather. I have about 4 pairs of jean that I bought last year when I was larger and I never wore because I thought they were too tight. I took them out this morning to see if they look any better than the baggy trousers I am wearing and they look worse. Tight in my thunder thighs and loose everywhere else WTF!

Yesterday I went down the block to that fat ladies store Lane Bryant to get new pants. ALL the pants in the store were CROPPED! I don't need to be showing off my cankles thank you very much. And I don't think today's working women can wear cropped or Capri pants to the office. WHY don't these stores always keep a supply of basic black trousers and a basic black dress? Those two items never go out of style and are always needed, unlike Hawaiian shirts, gauchos, espadrilles, Capri's, sleeveless halter tops and ponchos. I NEED NEW PANTS DAMN IT! Ones that FIT! I don't want to look like a bum holding my pants up with rope when I am in Ireland next week.

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