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Concerts I have been to

OK so I had some time on my hands and typed in all the concerts I went to from the ticket stubs I have collected over the years. Some I am not too proud of ... and a few I just seem like I am obsessed with the band because I have seen them 3 nights in a row. I know I am missing a ton of them too. Back in the day when I worked at Tower Records I use to get on the guest list for shows so I never had a ticket stub. Where you at any of these shows with me?

12/13/85 Thompson Twins, OMD Madison Square Garden
6/6/86 Depeche Mode, Book of Love Radio City Music Hall, NYC
9/28/87 U2 Madison Square Garden
12/18/87 Depeche Mode Madison Square Garden
6/3/88 Depeche Mode, OMD Jones Beach Theater, LI
10/20/88 Siouxsie & the Banshees Radio City Music Hall, NYC
10/21/88 Fishbone The Ritz, NYC
2/24/89 Book of Love The Ritz, NYC
6/24/89 De La Soul, 3rd Base The Ritz, NYC
7/16/89 The Cure R.D.S. Ireland
8/20/89 The Cure, Love & Rockets, Pixies, Jesus and Mary Chain Giants Stadium, NJ
10/11/89 P.I.L., Flesh for Lulu Palladium, NYC
10/27/89 The Red Hot Chili Peppers The Ritz, NYC
11/22/89 The Pixies, The Mekons The Ritz, NYC
12/2/89 APB, Urban Blight The Ritz, NYC
1/1/90* not sure on date Nine Inch Nails The Academy, NYC
1/12/90 Ministry, KMFDM The Ritz, NYC
2/6/90 B-52's Radio City Music Hall, NYC
3/3/90 The Jesus and Mary Chain, Nine Inch Nails The Ritz, NYC
3/14/90 The Creatures The Ritz, NYC
3/23/90 Ian McCulloch The Ritz, NYC
4/21/90 Peter Murphy Manhattan College, Bronx
4/26/90 The Red Hot Chili Peppers The Ritz, NYC
6/11/90 Everything But The Girl Beacon Theatre, NYC
6/16/90 Depeche Mode, Nizter Ebb, Jesus and the Mary Chain Giants Stadium, NJ
7/13/90 Faith No More, Circus of Power L'Amours, Brooklyn
7/18/90 Happy Mondays Sound Factory, NYC
8/8/90 Erasure Jones Beach Theater, LI
9/26/90 The Sunday's The Ritz, NYC
10/24/90 The Soup Dragons The Ritz, NYC
11/13/90 Cocteau Twins Beacon Theatre, NYC
11/20/90 Jane's Addiction The Ritz, NYC
1/19/91 The Cure Wembley, England
2/28/91 Charlatans UK The Ritz, NYC
3/27/91 EMF The Marquee, NYC
4/19/91 Jesus Jones The Marquee, NYC
6/12/91 The Farm The Marquee, NYC
7/15/91 EMF, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine The Ritz, NYC
7/17/91 Ned's Atomic Dustbin The Marquee, NYC
9/25/91 Big Audio Dynamite II, The Farm Sound Factory, NYC
10/11/91 Jesus Jones The Academy, NYC
10/12/91 Jesus Jones The Academy, NYC
11/1/91 Blur The Marquee, NYC
1/10/92 Ned's Atomic Dustbin The Academy, NYC
2/7/92 Shamen, Moby Limelight, NYC
2/11/92 Nitzer Ebb Limelight, NYC
2/14/92 Primal Scream The Ritz, NYC
3/10/92 James The Ritz, NYC
4/21/92 B.A.D. II, P.I.L., Blind Melon, Live The Ritz, NYC
4/30/92 Charlatans UK The Academy, NYC
6/16/92 Moby (Rave the Ritz) The Ritz, NYC
6/20/92 Ride The Academy, NYC
7/10/92 Charlatans UK, Wolfgang Press The Ritz, NYC
7/23/92 The Cure Flushing Meadows, Queens
7/25/92 Paul Weller The Ritz, NYC
8/15/92 Lollapalooza 92 Montage Mountain
9/25/92 WDRE Modern Rock Fest Town Hall, NYC
10/23/92 Kitchens of Distinction The Marquee, NYC
10/28/92 Ned's Atomic Dustbin Irving Plaza, NYC
11/1/92 The Soup Dragons, James The Ritz, NYC
12/31/92 Big Audio Dynamite II Roseland Ballroom NYC
1/22/93 Ned's Atomic Dustbin Roseland Ballroom NYC
2/13/93 Moby The Academy, NYC
2/16/93 Inspiral Carpets, Sunscreem Limelight, NYC
3/27/93 House of Pain, Cypress Hill Roseland Ballroom NYC
4/17/93 808 State, Meat Beat Manifesto Roseland Ballroom NYC
8/4/93 New Order, Sunscreem Meadowlands Arena, NJ
10/23/93 The Orb Roseland Ballroom NYC
10/26/93 Big Country The Grand, NYC
10/26/93 Duran Duran, James Radio City Music Hall, NYC
10/29/93 Smashing Pumpkins MTV Taping No Alternative
10/29/93 Duran Duran, James Radio City Music Hall, NYC
10/30/93 Maskarave II New York Coliseum, NYC
12/11/93 Paul Weller The Academy, NYC
2/15/94 James Irving Plaza, NYC
3/13/94 The Pogues Beacon Theatre, NYC
4/2/94 Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine Irving Plaza, NYC
5/6/94 Paul Weller Town Hall, NYC
6/17/94 House of Pain Palladium, NYC
12/7/94 Nine Inch Nails Madison Square Garden
12/9/94 Kids In The Hall The Academy, NYC
12/14/94 WDRE Acoustic Xmas Beacon Theatre, NYC
12/16/94 Pop Will Eat Itself Irving Plaza, NYC
1/19/95 Tom Jones Webster Hall, NYC
2/15/95 Hole Roseland Ballroom NYC
2/27/95 Simple Minds The Academy, NYC
3/17/95 Black 47 Expo NYC
5/13/95 Faith No More Roseland Ballroom NYC
5/20/95 Adam Ant The Academy, NYC
5/22/95 Stone Roses Webster Hall, NYC
5/24/95 Beastie Boys Madison Square Garden
6/28/95 The Afghan Wigs Tramps, NYC
8/15/95 Bjork The Academy, NYC
9/8/95 Annie Lennox Central Park, NYC
9/24/95 Reverend Horton Heat, Supersuckers Limelight, NYC
10/16/95 Southern Culture on the Skids Irving Plaza, NYC
1/11/96 Smashing Pumpkins The Academy, NYC
3/2/96 Mike Scott Symphony Space, NYC
4/17/96 Tears For Fear Beacon Theatre, NYC
5/13/96 Tori Amos The Theater @ MSG
5/25/96 Southern Culture on the Skids Mercury Lounge, NYC
7/12/96 Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage Madison Square Garden
8/1/96 Everything But The Girl Roseland Ballroom NYC
8/17/96 Enit Festival (Prono for Pyros) Garden State Arts Center, NJ
8/21/96 No Doubt, Goldfinger Roseland Ballroom NYC
9/8/96 Oasis Jones Beach Theater, LI
9/16/96 The Cure Radio City Music Hall, NYC
9/25/96 Reverend Horton Heat, Lunachicks Webster Hall, NYC
11/7/96 Garbage Beacon Theatre, NYC
12/3/96 Weezer Roseland Ballroom NYC
12/27/96 Brian Setzer Orchestra Resorts, AC
1/9/97 David Bowie Birthday Celebration Madison Square Garden
2/5/97 The Cardigans Tramps, NYC
2/6/97 The Supersuckers ?
2/13/97 Reverend Horton Heat Tramps, NYC
2/14/97 Reverend Horton Heat Tramps, NYC
2/25/97 Live Beacon Theatre, NYC
2/28/97 James Tramps, NYC
4/17/97 Barry Manilow Radio City Music Hall, NYC
5/15/97 The Cure Nassau Coliseum, LI
5/17/97 The Chemical Brothers Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
5/28/97 Jamiroquai Roseland Ballroom NYC
6/1/97* (not sure on date) The Supersuckers Coney Island High, NYC
7/24/97 Brian Setzer Orchestra Irving Plaza, NYC
8/10/97 The Cure Madison Square Garden
3/25/98 Space Monkey's Tramps, NYC
4/3/98 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Supper Club, NYC
5/28/98 Garbage Roseland Ballroom NYC
6/6/98 Andy Dick & Friends, Superdrag Irving Plaza, NYC
6/13/98 Kraftwerk Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
7/14/98 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Roseland Ballroom NYC
8/5/98 The Verve Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
10/9/98 Royal Crown Revue Roseland Ballroom NYC
12/12/98 Reverend Horton Heat, Flat Duo Jets Tramps, NYC
2/4/99 The Cardigans Irving Plaza, NYC
5/19/99 Hole Roseland Ballroom NYC
9/1/99 The Supersuckers Tramps, NYC
9/11/99 Barry White, Earth Wind and Fire Jones Beach Theater, LI
10/28/99 Moby The Roxy, NYC
11/24/99 Everything But The Girl Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
12/3/99 Mike Ness Irving Plaza, NYC
12/16/99 Z100's Jingle Ball, Robbie Williams Madison Square Garden
3/1/00 Reverend Horton Heat, Dance Hall Crashers Irving Plaza, NYC
4/19/00 Tenacious D Bowery Ballroom, NYC
5/5/00 Reverend Horton Heat, Hank Williams III The Roxy, NYC
5/13/00 Reverend Horton Heat, Los Straitjackets Mercury Lounge, NYC
6/16/00 David Bowie Roseland Ballroom NYC
6/20/00 The Cure Jones Beach Theater, LI
6/26/00 Eddie Izzard "Circle" Town Hall, NYC
10/19/00 The Cure Hard Rock Live Taping NYC
10/21/00 Moby Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
2/10/01 Super Diamond Irving Plaza, NYC
5/19/01 Joey Ramone's B-Day Bash (The Damned) Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
7/25/01 Paul Weller Town Hall, NYC
9/8/01 Tenacious D Town Hall, NYC
10/11/01 Tenacious D Electric Factory, PA
10/19/01 Super Diamond Irving Plaza, NYC
11/14/01 John Leguizamo "Sexaholix" Royal Theatre, NYC
11/18/01 Social Distortion Irving Plaza, NYC
1/11/02 David Cross & Super Pals Irving Plaza, NYC
1/22/02 Tenacious D Bowery Ballroom, NYC
3/14/02 Reverend Horton Heat, Nashville Pussy Irving Plaza, NYC
4/19/02 Siouxsie & the Banshees Roseland Ballroom NYC
6/27/02 Inxs, Simple Minds Jones Beach Theater, LI
10/18/02 The Supersuckers Knitting Factory, NYC
10/19/02 Badly Drawn Boy Roseland Ballroom NYC
10/23/02 Reverend Horton Heat Village Underground, NYC
10/25/02 Reverend Horton Heat Bowery Ballroom, NYC
10/26/02 Reverend Horton Heat Mercury Lounge, NYC
11/19/02 Fischerspooner Irving Plaza, NYC
11/30/02 Sonic Youth Irving Plaza, NYC
2/21/03 Paul Weller Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
4/30/03 Pearl Jam Nassau Coliseum, LI
5/3/03 The Supersuckers Knitting Factory, NYC
5/5/03 Reverend Horton Heat The Downtown, LI
6/5/03 The Derailers Village Underground, NYC
7/22/03 White Stripes Roseland Ballroom NYC
8/5/03 Human League BB Kings, NYC
8/21/03 Sex Pistols, Dropkick Murphy's Jones Beach Theater, LI
9/16/03 The Psychedelic Furs Town Hall, NYC
9/30/03 Reverend Horton Heat, SCOTS Bowery Ballroom, NYC
10/8/03 Eddie Izzard "Sexie" City Center, NYC
10/9/03 Radiohead Madison Square Garden
10/28/03 Paul Weller Irving Plaza, NYC
5/6/04 Morrissey The Apollo Theater, NYC
5/18/04 The Supersuckers The Hook, Brooklyn NY
5/20/04 Zero 7 Irving Plaza, NYC
5/28/04 Reverend Horton Heat Bowery Ballroom, NYC
5/29/04 Reverend Horton Heat Bowery Ballroom, NYC
7/31/04 The Cure Randall's Island, NYC
8/20/04 Stiff Little Fingers Irving Plaza, NYC
10/1/04 The Supersuckers Bluebird Theater, Denver CO
10/9/04 Beastie Boys Madison Square Garden
12/6/04 Barenaked Ladies Beacon Theatre, NYC
3/1/05 Interpol Radio City Music Hall, NYC
3/17/05 Reverend Horton Heat, Supersuckers House Of Blue VEGAS
5/5/05 New Order Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
5/21/05 Gang of 4 Theatre of Living Arts, PA
6/1/05 Kraftwerk Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
7/8/05 G.B.H. Bowery Ballroom, NYC
9/24/05 White Stripes Keyspan Park, Coney Island
10/1/05 Gang of 4, Pixies, Rilo Kiley etc.. Keyspan Park, Coney Island
11/26/05 Brian Setzer Orchestra House of Blues, AC
12/18/05 Reverend Horton Heat, Supersuckers House of Blues, AC
4/18/06 Shooter Jennings Irving Plaza, NYC
4/27/06 The Supersuckers Avalon, NYC
5/2/06 Yeah Yeah Yeah's Roseland Ballroom NYC
5/13/06 Depeche Mode Jones Beach Theater, LI

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