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germs germs everywhere!

OK I don't classified myself as having Verminophobia (a fear of germs) however what I have witnessed in the past few weeks might make me rethink that.

In my new neighborhood there is one of those outside stairwells (one pictured here) that connects two blocks on a hill. It's a nice little short cut on my way to the subway in the morning. I have seen at least 4 stray cats, a few squirrels, a raccoon and numerous dead mice in this stairwell. Now I have nothing against feeding the stray cats hell they are doing a service since they are killing all the mice but do you really have to pet them? I have seen two women feed and pet these stray cats and it really freaks me out because these same women then go on about their business touching door knobs and using ATMs and holding onto train polls. I mean really is it not somewhat disturbing to think that these animals might be littered with disease? Two of the cats just hang out in the morning along the side of the stairs waiting for food. Every time I pass them I get the feeling they are determining if today is the day they will jump me. Please don't jump me bad ass kitty's I don't carry cat food on me.

So I ride the trains now looking at people and try and determine how many of them don't wash their hands when they use the bathroom. Or how many of them touch diseased animals and don't wash their hands. Or how many even care if they ever wash their hands. I am grossed out daily just looking around at things like globs of spit on the street or greasy smears on subway polls. Germs germs they are everywhere!

OH but the worse was the other night when I was on my way home. It wasn't THAT late (maybe 12:30am) and I was on the train and this girl gets on I swear she had to have been a hoe. She was wearing high heeled knee high boots with the shortest denim skirt and a short black hoody zipped open to show her red bra. Now when I say shortest denim skirt I mean SHORT like firecrotch short. I give her credit because she was very good at the sitting and crossing legs immediately as to not flash her bits. I don't think she was wearing panties and even if she was and they were say a thong or what have you you know her bits were still touching the subway seat. I wish she would have just stood there looking like a hoe - because then I wouldn't have the image of her naughty bits making contact with the seat. I mean her bits had to have been touching the seat - GROSS! Made me think what the hell gross body fluids was I sitting on???? I mean the next person on the train maybe a mom with her kid and the kid is playing with their toy on the seat then putting that toy in their mouths ... I'm just saying that is fucking gross!

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